In winters, it is desirable to have a warm environment and stay cold free as it can be lifesaving as well. According to the latest news on home health care, it is one of the major discussions nowadays that how a person can keep himself cold-free in this nearly freezing temperature. There are a variety of tips but we are going to discuss some important ways that will help you stay warm as well as distant from cold.

  1. Appropriate clothes

Insulating your body by wearing layers of clothes is one of the best ways to resist cold. No matter you are inside or outside the house, wear warm clothes. Usually, 3 layers of clothes are recommended. The first layer should be made of some material that can absorb moisture. The second layer should be warm that can keep your body temperature moderate. And the last layer should be some coat that can prevent you from rain or snow.

  1. Cover all body parts

One should not only cover the body, but also their hands, legs, feet and all the body parts that are exposed to lower temperature. Wear cap on the head to cover your hair and scarf on the neck because these body parts easily help the body to catch cold. Wear tights under jeans and multiple socks inside the winter shows. Just keep your entire body covered.

  1. Physical activity

Physical activity, exercise, yoga, running, lifting weight, moving your legs and arms, walking and other movements can increase the blood flow in your body. When the blood is pumped then the body temperature is regulated and you can keep yourself cold free.

  1. Create friction

In case you are wearing warm clothes but some of your body parts are still cold, then rub them together or with your body so that some heat could be produced. You can put your arms inside your shirt, put your hands inside the sleeves or under the legs for keeping them warm and staying cold free.

  1. Intake of warm beverages and food

Your body has some heat sensors inside your digestive tract. These sensors are activated when someone intakes hot beverages like coffee, green tea, soup. Also, you can wrap your cold hands outside the hot cup and keep your hands warm. Ginger is a food that stimulates blood circulation and increases the body temperature. Lastly, fat consumption can create insulation in the body helping you stay cold-free.

  1. Keeping your indoor space warm

You may like to sit near the heater or any other heat source when you are feeling cold. But you should leave some space around the heat source so that the heat could spread in the entire area. Also, do not place curtains or clothes near it as it can also block the heat.

  1. Cook food

Crockpots, oven and stoves are usually used for cooking food. Usually, your hands start freezing while performing such tasks, but the hot temperature of the kitchen will help you to cook easily and also you will not feel cold at all. It is recommended to cook the food at a lower temperature for a long time as it may keep the area warm by generating more and more heat.

  1. Use hot water

Always use hot water for bathing, washing and other purposes cold water can lower your body temperature and you may face some serious issues. Wash your clothes in warm water. While doing dishes, fill the sink with hot water and soak your hands for some time in it. Taking shower in hot water or soaking your body in the hot water bath tub can keep your body warm. Just put on the clothes right after getting out from the shower. Also, use steam rooms if possible.

  1. Breathe from the nose

When you breathe through your mouth, the air you inhale is cooler, and it directly attacks the chest. In this case, you can feel cold. So, inhale from the nose because the air temperature increases when it passes through the nose. Just give a gap of at least four seconds between inhalation and exhalation.

  1. Close the doors and windows

Keep the curtains open and let the sunlight enter your house. The warmth of sunlight will increase the temperature of your house keeping you cold-free. Whereas at night, close the windows as well as the curtains. Keep all the doors closed. Cover the extra spaces under the door and the doorknob from any material so that cold air could not enter. This will keep you warm in winters.

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