NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2020 / Businesses have endured a lot in 2020. It’s no secret that hard-hit industries were forced to make difficult marketing decisions surrounding headcount and budgets. Moving into 2021, Forrester reports that CMOs don’t know how to balance cost-saving with the innovation required to help businesses recuperate lost revenue and eventually recover. Despite the unknowns for 2021, industry experts are clear on one thing: the future of business is data-driven and the building blocks to future-proof your business begin with powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence tools.

From Gartner to Forrester, industry experts are placing their bets on the power of Artificial Intelligence. In 2021, businesses must focus on staying ahead of the curve, and marketers must be empowered with predictive intelligence tools that shine a light on consumer behavior and preferences. Gartner affirms this trend in their article,Gartner Identifies Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2020, “By the end of 2024, 75% of organizations will shift from piloting to operationalizing artificial intelligence (AI).” With so many AI-powered MarTech solutions available on the market, let’s hone in on one we believe will have long-term success.

Fastbase, Predictive Intelligence that Drives Revenue

In Forbes’, 15 Emerging Technologies that Will Change the Future of Business Development article they explain how intent intelligence, knowing what your customers’ intent is before being approached, and AI are revolutionizing business development teams. Gone are the days of being supplied leads and setting up an autoresponder until you receive a response. Consumers are wiser and expect a certain level of personalization. With business intelligence tools like Fastbase, BD teams are equipped with the knowledge of who visited their website and content viewed, helping to customize outreach.

Let’s dive deeper into Fastbase. They’re one of the fastest-growing software companies within marketing analytics and predictive intelligence. Their AI-powered software and lead generation platform is transforming how businesses discover new prospects and build pipelines.

How does Fastbase work? The software analyzes over 10 billion website visitors from over 1 million companies every month and turns static data, using real-time behavioral insights from prospects, into actionable information. The software turns once anonymous website visitors into actual users and generates comprehensive lead reports with detailed contact information. Data such as company profiles, email addresses, telephone numbers, LinkedIn profile information, and visitor interactions enables organizations to fine-tune their ad campaigns and thus convert more leads into sales.

AI-Powered Software that Future-Proofs Business

So how can predictive intelligence tools like Fastbase help future-proof your business? By consistently bringing qualified leads into your pipeline. Fastbase’s InMarket Leads and Similar Leads tools empower business development teams to consistently discover new prospects that fit their ideal customer profile. The InMarket Leads tool not only populates potential prospects, but prospects that are currently in-market for your product or service. These are the leads at the bottom of the sales funnel, ready to purchase. Fastbase’s Similar Leads tool uses AI to find similar leads to your existing customer base. These two tools are transformative in helping business development and marketing teams regularly discover new prospects and make new connections.

In addition to InMarket Leads and Similar Leads, Fastbase offers a powerful lead tracking technology, LeadScoring. With LeadScoring, businesses use the power of marketing automation to nurture segmented customer lists with laser targeted content. This tool is essential in eliminating the menial and time-consuming tasks that occupy your sales team’s valuable time, only alerting them when a prospect is close to conversion.

Capitalize on Data Analytics in 2021

By incorporating powerful predictive intelligence tools into sales and marketing initiatives, businesses can safeguard their profitability and ROI. With Fastbase’s digital analytics and marketing automation tools, businesses have the intelligence to build healthy pipelines, create new market segments, and help increase bottom lines.

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