Wellness and health in connection with the cannabis active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) is a trending topic. Especially as a CBD oil, the extracts from the hemp plant have blossomed into a health trend in recent years.

With the rise of the cannabis and CBD industry, we can now buy the best CBD flower on JustBob and some of the best CDB products online with legitimate and recognized distributors.

Since CBD is very versatile in its use, the manufacturers are continually bringing innovative new products onto the market, so that today we can no longer take CBD as drops, but have numerous forms of application available to us.

CBD and CBD oil market

CBD oil first arrived with cosmetic and beauty products. Then its many benefits attracted a lot of producers and companies, and we have seen CBD in a large selection of new products ranging from CBD creams for the skin to CBD beers and other CBD gums and candies.

The next generation of CBD wellness products brings even more opportunities to take advantage of the relaxing or health benefits of CBD.

Here are a few ideas for CBD wellness products to get in 2020:

  1. Cannabidiol and CBD oil bath bombs

A good bath bomb consists of baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid and often natural coloring agents. This combination creates the effervescence when placed in bath water that bath bombs are known for. For a pleasant scent, but also aromatherapy effects, essential oils are also a trendy ingredient.

The connection of the aromas with CBD oil, enriches, among other things, the relaxation effect, which can be used to reduce stress. At the same time, the skin also benefits from cannabidiol, and to a particular extent.

CBD oil bombs can be a great way to bring all the cannabidiol properties and benefits in a relaxing home-session. Besides, the CBD bath bombs can be combined with many other essential oils for specific actions and benefits:

Grapefruit – supports the metabolism and reduces cellulite

Ginger – supports the digestive system and helps with nausea

Lavender – helps the body relax

Peppermint – helps against nausea

Eucalyptus – supports breathing and the immune system Etc.

  1. CBD oil candles

A CBD candle is a new way to use CBD oil for personal care. They’re usually made from soy wax, oils, and of course, CBD.

Before they are lit, their consistency resembles conventional candles. But when the CBD candle burns, it melts and becomes an oil that can be applied to the skin.

It is suitable as a massage oil or rubbed in like a skin lotion. It softens the skin, reduces inflammation from cannabidiol and promotes the healing of skin irritations. All three examples presented for new types of CBD oil applications can be combined in an extensive relaxation experience and recover physically and mentally from everyday life.

CBD as an alternative to after-work beer

Relaxation without high and hangover with CBD oil! It is quite normal to make the transition from work to after-work a little easier.

Some people prefer to take a walk or meditate, while others drink a beer or a glass of wine. Many also use cannabis products, such as a joint. The gently relaxing, noise-free effect of cannabidiol is particularly suitable for after-work: CBD oil, although it also comes from the cannabis plant, has no so-called psychoactive effects. Perfect for concentrating on a good book or another interesting hobby!

And, unlike daily alcohol consumption, according to the current state of research, there is no risk of addiction.

But how does it work and what can CBD do? How does CBD oil relax without getting intoxicated?

The mode of action of CBD oil is the same as alcohol, which paralyzes the nervous system through a kind of poisoning and so relaxes us. Cannabidiol acts on naturally occurring receptors in the so-called endocannabinoid system, similar to the body’s messenger substances, and thus leads to specific effects.

Such receptors are found throughout the body and control, among other things, the immune system, the pain sensitivity, the mood and reactions to fear and stress.

CBD has a different effect on the receptors than, for example, the intoxicating THC contained in hashish or marijuana. In animal experiments, for example, it has been shown that acute physical reactions to stress, such as increased heartbeat, are relieved by CBD.

So, relaxation works similarly to meditation or relaxing massage: physical stress symptoms are alleviated while the mind remains clear.

When the stress gets too much: use CBD oil

Stress is not only unhealthy. It can also turn into a burn-out syndrome, in which one is plagued by chronic stress symptoms and possibly even by fears and depression.

Both from the experience of numerous users and scientific studies, there are indications that CBD oil can be helpful for such symptoms associated with burn-out. The best prevention against burn-out is not to let it get that far in the first place: In addition to a change in lifestyle, targeted relaxation with CBD can also contribute.

Use CBD oil correctly after work, depending on your needs. CBD oil can be taken several times a day, directly after work or about half an hour before going to bed, depending on whether you want to recover from a stressful job or a stressful day.

There are different forms of ingestion, incredibly popular, and uncomplicated is the ingestion of oil with CBD extract.

Quality plays a significant role here: when used daily, pesticide-free, natural products in organic quality, such as the best CBD oil from JustBob.shop, are the right choice.

Those who are regularly tested for drugs in their job should also choose a THC-free preparation.

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