5 Great Gifts For the ATV Rider in Your Life

ATV riders love to ride their vehicles all year round. They enjoy the thrill and freedom of being on four wheels and flying around trails and over various challenging terrains. But even with these incredible benefits, ATV riding can be dangerous. That is why every rider needs to wear a helmet and other safety gear at all times! If you have been looking around for a gift idea for your favorite rider this holiday season, or for any other occasion, keep reading because here we have 5 great ideas that will make them smile from ear to ear!

ATV Gear Such as Helmets or Jackets

If they have been riding their vehicle as much as they say, then chances are they will need some new gear during this time offseason where colder weather sets in. A helmet or jacket makes a perfect holiday gift because they will have the chance to enjoy it while playing in the snow and then be able to use it again next season.

Helmet: No one wants to admit that a helmet would make a wonderful gift, but when you think about it, safety should come first! A new or used ATV helmet is an excellent Christmas gift for any rider – no matter their skill level! It’s important not only for protection from head injuries, which are common among riders who don’t wear helmets, but also if there’s ever another accident with your loved ones on board.

Jacket: A jacket is perfect, too, as having extra layers never hurts during these cold winter months! If your friend rides without jeans or even armored pants, which is a bad idea, then they might want to invest in some thermal gear for cool mornings and nights.

Tea Tree and Olive Oil

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has many purposes and is excellent for ATV riders. It helps keep bugs away from the face while also preventing mosquito bites on the skin through a strong repellant effect.

Invest in an olive oil travel-sized bottle that can be carried easily on your vehicle or inside of your jacket pocket for when you need it most. This bottle should have two purposes. Use it cook, add some salt, pepper, or any other spices/herbs. The second would be something refreshing that could cool off riders after riding long distances through hot weather.

ATV Gloves

ATV gloves will help grip the handlebars more securely to prevent slips when wet or sweaty hands occur. Also, they offer protection against blisters that can be common among those who ride regularly. They should be easy to take off in case of an accident, so they’re not blocking any access to wounds.

ATV Tires

Just like tires are essential for cars, ATV tires are important too! Besides helping your vehicle stay grounded and balanced while in motion, tires also ensure that the rider can brake safely when needed and avoid a blowout. Tires need to be replaced every couple of years as well, making this a great option for avid riders so that they can keep doing what they love.


It is a good idea for those traveling somewhere new trails may not exist to purchase a GPS app compatible with their smartphone. This will save them the headache of always having to worry about blazing new trails. It also helps riders find their way out of unfamiliar areas if they break down or are lost for any other reason. The peace of mind associated with a gift like this will be great for all riders and those who care about them.

Rebuild Kits and LED Lights

Rebuild and upgrade kits for ATV should also be considered because this is often overlooked. They can definitely come in handy considering how expensive these machines can get. In addition to upgrades, accessories and something like LED lights would make an excellent gift since so many riders use vehicles when riding at night time. Especially during the winter months when it’s dark for more extended periods. This can be a multifaceted gift in that it can improve the look of the rider’s vehicle in addition to adding heightened safety due to increased visibility.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils, new LED lights, and a comfortable helmet are only the start of quality gifts that you can give to someone who loves riding ATVs! In addition to those items, consider giving them something like heated gloves or handgrips to make their rides so more enjoyable during the winter months.

Also, gift them an anti-theft device or aftermarket alarm system for protection if thieves ever target them. Suppose your vehicle rider feels nostalgic this year but doesn’t have enough money around. Gift cards would be perfect because they’ll allow them to upgrade parts independently without going into debt with larger purchases.

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