A Guide on Upselling in the Auto Industry

Auto Industry

Getting the most value for your purchase is something every customer wants. If you’re in the auto industry, you’re probably interested in giving people the best deal. Often, that’s going to be on something more expensive than they had in mind. Here are a few ways you can upsell in the auto industry.

Start by Getting Them Behind the Wheel

The first thing you’ve got to do is get your customers to go on a test drive. Simply looking at cars on the lot isn’t enough. Until they’ve been behind the wheel, they’re not going to be serious buyers. However, something about driving a car makes the experience much more tangible. They might’ve been looking when they walked on the lot, but now they’re thinking about how they’ll afford it. Once you’re getting them to think about that, most of the sale is done.

Walk Them Up the Line

Don’t start them off by showing them the priciest thing you’ve got in stock. Instead, show them something that’s pretty affordable. Then, after they’ve taken it for a test drive, show them another step up. Walk them through all the models you’ve got on the lot until you’re at the very top.

They’ll talk themselves into getting something more expensive than they had planned. Remember to talk about how each of the models brings something new to the table, too. That will show them the value of their purchase. But, don’t talk too much, though. The more your customers are talking, the more likely they’ll be to buy.

Show Them Other Financing Options

Perhaps, you’ve had a customer come onto the lot with cash in hand. That’s fine, but you should still show them all your financing options. By doing that, you might get them to use their cash as a downpayment. Then, they’d be able to afford a lot more in the end.

Even customers with financing might realize you’ve got better options available. If you can get them a longer-term, then they’ll pay less each month. Or, you might even be able to find a better interest rate for them as well.

Talk About Price in Terms of Monthly Payments

When you’re discussing price, you shouldn’t focus on the overall sticker value. Instead, talk to them about how much it’ll cost each month. It’s much less intimidating to think about a few hundred dollars than tens of thousands.

Often, customers will be surprised by how much of a car they can really afford. Good financing options make this part a whole lot easier, too. You could get them behind the wheel of their dream car without breaking their budget by doing this.

Compare Used and New Cars

Don’t show them just the new cars you’ve got in stock. Show them what you’ve got used in stock, too. In a lot of cases, they’ll pick something nicer with a few miles on the wheels. You could even show them your online inventory.

They might buy used cars online to get an even better deal overall. If you can get them exactly what they want, they’ll do business with you. Perhaps, you don’t have the exact model on your lot. But, you might have a partnership with another dealership nearby. Showing them their stock online could still help you to close the sale.

Offer Them a Rebate to Seal the Deal

Most dealerships happen to have a few rebates they can use to close iffy deals. Don’t bring them up right away, though. Wait until you’ve nearly sealed the deal, and then you can use the rebate as a closing tool. A lot of the time, customers will bite the bullet after throwing that onto the table. Just a few hundred dollars could make the difference in a sale.

Closing an Auto Sale Fast

Making the most from each sale is part of being in the auto industry. However, you don’t have to pull the wool over your customer’s eyes. Just show them how you’re bringing value to the deal. And, they’ll be much more likely to do business with you.

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