What are the Piano Lessons available in Singapore? What does Pop Piano Lesson teach?

Although the current world scenario is dark and worrying, it is even more critical for every one of us to ensure that we are properly exercising our minds.  Many of us spend more time indoors, either working at home or trying to pass the time. As a result, our minds are fully rusted with no outdoor and physical activities which are leading to stressful lives, anxiety, depression, depression, and much more. As we are badly in need of some physical and mental sports we must look for opportunities in this regard.

Playing piano irrespective of your interest holds significant importance in maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind in these circumstances. So, If you are looking for Piano lessons in Singapore, you’ve arrived at the right spot.

The importance of getting off to a good start cannot be underestimated. Beginning with your first piano lesson, we’ll concentrate on:

  • Playing the piano is an enjoyable experience.
  • Reading music entails mastering the ability to read music with accuracy and ease.
  • The ear: music is sound, and playing the piano requires the ability to listen.
  • Treating music as a source of self-expression will give your piano playing new life, regardless of genre, style, or level.

To begin with, the crucial aspect of piano playing is where you place the piano bench and how you position yourself on it. You can reach the full keyboard and be comfortable when practicing or playing if you have the right posture and position.

Finger numbers are crucial because you must learn accurate fingering for scales, chords, arpeggios, and musical passages as part of your basic piano instruction. It will be easier to play the piano if you use the right fingers for the right keys. You’ll be able to try out new moves, master uncomfortable postures, and increase your speed and flexibility. This must be done correctly from the beginning. Too many pianists have trouble playing certain keys because they utilize the wrong fingers.

Alpha Piano studio offers a wide range of lessons and courses for people of all ages and levels. The lessons include;

Piano lesson for kids: We’ve worked out how to keep kids entertained while they learn to play the piano. This is why our basic piano and keyboard classes for kids are the most popular in the world. This is where you should begin your child’s musical adventure. Our children’s piano lessons include a wide range of topics, from ABRSM graded examination preparation to learning how to read musical notation, and more.

Piano Lessons for Teens: Teens who take our piano and keyboard courses improve their piano skills and confidence while also learning how to work in a group. Every teen program includes private piano instruction as well as group/band rehearsals to prepare students for big live performances. Piano lessons are available for teens aged 11 to 19. The lessons are gradual and designed to help you develop a strong musical foundation. We will teach;

  • Repertoire
  • Theoretical Music
  • Aural Conditioning
  • Technical Workouts

Piano lessons for Adults: Learning to play the piano or keyboard at any age is never too late. Our skilled keyboard teachers will take you through the fundamentals of the piano in private keyboard lessons, group rehearsals, and live performances using popular rock songs.  We at Alpha Piano Studio are committed to providing you with the greatest piano lessons for adults at the best possible price. Our piano instructors all have years of experience teaching adults and are well-qualified to assist you in achieving your musical goals. We have a wide range of styles available, from classical to pop to jazz piano.

Classical Piano Lessons

Jazz Piano Lessons:  Beginner jazz piano classes will teach you how to hold your hands, piano fingering, and key names, among other things. You’ll also learn how to read music for the first time, as well as several other important techniques. Jazz piano requires a distinct set of skills that can only be mastered by learning with a professional jazz pianist. Alpha Piano studio is happy to collaborate with exceptional jazz piano instructors and trainers that will make your jazz piano education a truly unforgettable experience. Jazz piano is one of our specialties, and it’s a style of music that we adore.

And lastly, Pop Piano Lessons Singapore will be discussed further.

About Pop Piano Lessons

The goal of this course is to teach complete beginners on the piano how to play pop tunes. This course will teach you the fundamentals of piano, allowing you to learn songs by reading a lead sheet, which is a type of musical notation commonly used in pop music.

You’ll be able to read basic chord symbols and play triads and broken chords by the end of this lesson, allowing you to improvise with simple harmonies.

Begin learning piano with all of the necessary abilities, such as appropriate fingering, triads, and broken chords, and more. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to confidently play the pop piano.

You’ll learn how to read lead sheets to interpret pop music tunes. On the piano, you’ll learn to play melodies and improvise harmonies using chords.

Our piano teachers encourage students to choose repertoire and make decisions regarding their course of study when teaching adults beginning piano lessons.

We ask students about their preferred learning style and how to best organize instructional materials for them. Understand that many adults have full-time jobs and hectic schedules.  Balance students’ musical aims and aspirations with the necessity for well-rounded development and a firm foundation in piano playing and music theory.

In this regard, our pop piano lessons are divided into three categories. ​

  • Pop Piano Level 1 (proficiency equivalent of Grade 1-3)​​
  • Pop Piano Level 2 (proficiency equivalent of Grade 4-5)​
  • Pop Piano Level 3 (proficiency equivalent of Grade 6-8)

As the pop piano lesson is pro within, so we have basic eligibility criteria set for learners.

  • Children who have attained a minimum of ABRSM Grade 3 Piano or equivalent
  • Teenagers & Adult Beginners who have completed our Foundational (Pre-Grade 1) Classes
  • Highly recommended for Teenage and Adult Students to have attained a minimum of ABRSM Grade 3 Piano or equivalent before taking Pop Piano Classes

Pop Piano Students will be placed in the appropriate level based on the grade they were pursuing before commencing Pop Piano Lessons as a general rule. A student who has achieved ABRSM Grade 3 and was last pursuing Grade 4 before enrolling in Pop Piano Lessons, for example, will be given priority for placement in Pop Piano Level 2. (Proficiency equivalent of Grade 4-5)

However, pupils are placed in the appropriate Pop Piano level (Levels 1-3) on an individual basis. For example, a student who has achieved ABRSM Grade 6 may not be placed in Pop Piano Level 3 (proficiency equivalent of Grade 6-8), but rather in Pop Piano Level 2 (proficiency equivalent of Grade 4-5).

The Pop Piano level (levels 2-3) will be determined during the trial lesson for first-time students with us.

For returning students, the teacher will assign a Pop Piano level depending on their appraisal of the student’s ability.

Moreover, in simple words, if we categorize pop piano lessons for beginners in steps;

Step 1:

Getting to know the basics

Lesson 1: Your Keyboard and Posture

Lesson 2: Reading notes

Lesson 3: Time

Lesson 4: Rhythmic Exercises

Lesson 5: Key Signatures and Accidentals

Step 2:

Your First Tune

Lesson 1: Simple Melodies

Lesson 2: Fingering Part 1

Lesson 3: Fingering Part 2

Lesson 4: Keys and Scales

Lesson 5: Melody Playing

Step 3:


Lesson 1: Introduction to Harmony

Lesson 2: Playing the Bass

Lesson 3: Forming Triads

Lesson 4: Playing Triads

Lesson 5: Block Chord Accompaniment

Step 4:

Playing with Harmony

Lesson 1: Introduction to Broken Chords

Lesson 2: 1-5-8, 1-5-10

Lesson 3: Coordination Exercises

Lesson 4: Songs with Broken Chords

Lesson 5: Create your Broken Chords

When learning the piano, there will be challenges to conquer, and there will be times when it feels impossible. It’s possible that you don’t feel like you’re progressing and that it’s unsatisfying. This is very normal; you’re not the only one who feels this way. The rewards, however, are excellent if you stick with them and push through these challenges. Everyone would be able to play the piano if it were very simple.

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