5 Exciting Industries to Invest in and Why You Should

5 Exciting Industries to Invest in and Why You Should

The business environment is constantly changing. The traditional businesses that seemed prosperous are either collapsing or changing their business models. Investors should consult financial experts to understand the industries that have high chances of growth in the future. The current trends can also help you forecast the sectors that you should invest in. Keep reading to know the exciting industries you should invest in and why you should invest in these industries.

Cyber Security

Data has become the new oil. Your data, government data, health information, and other data such as where you work or live are constantly at risk of cyberattacks. Cyber security involves protecting your user data from being stolen by malicious people who want to harm you. Organizations are also seeking to improve their sensitive data, such as financial information and data about their clients.

The demand for cyber security programs means that this industry is worth investing in future. The cyber security industry is expected to grow by double digits by 2030. The exponential growth of the digital economy will demand more powerful cyber security programs. You should consult cyber security experts to find out which areas are more marketable and promising.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also an exciting industry that you should invest in. AI is already here, and it is changing how we live and conduct business. The use of AI has resulted in better decision-making and overall cost reduction. AI has become common in the banking industry, where it is used to detect fraud and manage clients’ data. It is also used in health care to identify diseases such as cancer.

Research indicates that the artificial intelligence market is estimated to reach $15 trillion by 2030. You should seek expert advice if you are new in this field before buying stocks. Investing in this industry can be life-changing since most businesses from various fields are adopting artificial intelligence to automate their processes.

Space Exploration

Space exploration has enormous benefits for human beings. The potential opportunities in this industry that you put your money on include product delivery, human space travel, and satellite broadband. The demand for data has propelled the need for satellites that provide internet services. The production of reusable rockets is expected to cut the cost of production.

Recently, private companies have joined space exploration efforts making it a marketable industry to invest in. The space investment report released in 2017 indicates that over the last 10 years, there has been $199.8B of equity investment across 1,553 unique companies in the space economy. The space industry is expected to increase the revenue generated by $2 trillion by 2030. The stocks in this industry are very volatile. It would be best if you researched more about this industry before investing.

Renewable Energy

The renewable industry is a viable business venture because of the increasing demand for renewable energy. Research indicates that renewables are expected to sideline other sources of electricity such as coal. Moreover, the consumption of electricity in the United States is expected to reduce by 4% by 2025. This industry is expected to generate more revenue, especially after the U.S joined the Paris Climate Accord. The U.S is also likely to inject more than 2 trillion into this industry.

New industries are expected to rise as decarbonization efforts proceeds. Apart from wind and solar, investors should also consider investing in the production of hydrogen. It would help if you also researched more before buying stocks in this market.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of the quickest ways of growing your money. Borrowing money to purchase homes is now affordable due to low mortgage rates. You can obtain profits by buying properties and later sell them out.

Research indicates that real estate investment appreciates by 5 percent yearly. You only need to ensure that the property is in good condition. Other sectors in the industry that you can invest your money in include real estate crowdfunding organizations and commercial development.

Real estate investment fund is less risky and more profitable compared to real estate fund. This is because only a single tenant pays for the expenses and lease.


Investing in these industries may seem enticing. However, you should do due diligence before investing. You need to do thorough research since most emerging industries are also volatile, and you may end up losing your cash.

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