5 Strategies to Make Your Business More Energy-Efficient

5 Strategies to Make Your Business More Energy-Efficient

If the world is going to obtain a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, businesses are going to have to take a big role in that transformation. Thankfully, innovations and technologies are making that future more likely than ever before. If you want to make your business more energy-efficient, below are five strategies to implement.

Buy Carbon Offsets

While carbon offsets may have seemed like a trend for a while some years ago, it’s a strategy for lowering the carbon footprint of businesses that works. Some of the largest companies in the world like Microsoft and Nestle buy carbon offsets. Carbon offsetting is a system in which companies buy credits from third parties that take substantive action to lower carbon emissions. That way, the carbon a company does release through its activities is offset by these third party decreases. If a company buys enough offsets, it could achieve virtual carbon neutrality. While lowering emissions directly may be preferable, this is a good strategy for companies that have yet to transition to more carbon-neutral technology.

Work Directly With Experts

As time has moved on, many companies realized that businesses want to do something to achieve better energy efficiency. If you are not sure how to go about achieving this goal, you should consider working with third-party consultants and energy brokers that work directly with energy companies to find the best solutions for companies in a multitude of different industries. This way, you can lower your emissions and increase efficiency in a way that will work for your company. Such experts should be able to modify your buildings, equipment, and facilities in a way that increases efficiency. You’ll also be able to find the best mix of solutions from local utilities to power your company in a way that lessens your impact.

Switch to More Energy Efficient Equipment

The choices you make when purchasing equipment for your facilities also make a big impact. Switching to some of these technologies is rather easy. For example, LED light tubes are designed to be compatible with traditional fluorescent light tubes. You can simply swap them out. Once you do so, you’ll be using less energy to provide your facilities with light. The bulbs will last longer as well. Look for different energy-efficient designs for equipment and appliances for your factories and offices. The Energy Star label is useful for finding equipment that has been tested and meets certain high benchmarks for energy efficiency.


Use Less Energy During Off Hours

One of the shocking things about many huge industrial facilities and even moderate-sized offices is they are still consuming electricity even when closed and no workers are present. While you may want to maintain a skeleton crew for security when your facilities are closed, you don’t have to be using so much energy. Things like lighting, heating, air conditioning, and even computer systems do not need to be running as much during off-hours. You should be aware that certain appliances and equipment are “energy vampires.” This means they keep drawing electricity even when shut down. Completely disconnecting this equipment from outlets should end this extra energy use.

Implement Natural Sunlight and Insulation

However, in certain cases, technology isn’t the only solution available. Sometimes, the old ways of doing things that implement nature and natural scientific principles work best. This is certainly the case for natural sunlight. Bringing natural sunlight into offices and factories can help provide a great amount of light to see with as well as warmth without having to use the local power grids or fuel sources like gas at all. This is also true of insulation. While newer more efficient forms of insulation are available, the concept is very ancient. If a building is well insulated, it will be warmer inside. You’ll be able to lower your dependency on your furnace or other heat sources as a result. It really can make a big difference.

Energy Efficiency Is Good Business

Overall, put some effort into making your company more energy efficient. It is the right thing to do. Beyond that, being more efficient will also lower your bills and make your company more flexible. Being more energy efficient will help you compete better in the marketplace of the future.

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