Allow NetBase Quid to Assist With Your Next Social Media Audit


Questions about messaging, brand protection, and online reputation plague business owners everywhere, keeping them awake at night. Worse still, business owners who do not consider their online images often find themselves left in their competition’s dust, with bruised reputations and lost customer trust directly affecting their company’s bottom line. Moreover, as many as 21 hours AFTER a company’s reputation suffers, damage control never quite measures up to a proactive approach. In reality, your company’s reputation resembles a feather pillow. Tear it open and shake it into the wind, then attempt to locate all those feathers. If that sounds impossible, then you understand why getting ahead of problems BEFORE they develop matters. The most effective means at your disposal consists of a routine, global social media audit.

Social Media Audit Defined

A social media audit involves scouring the internet for any and all mentions of your company name, positive or negative, and compiling a list of all websites, blogs, and social media platforms where they occur. Next, sifting through those sites to determine which ones you control versus which ones belong to consumer advocates, bloggers and influencers, competitors, and news agencies. Finally, creating a database that allows you to target your message to the audiences in each forum. This last task creates the greatest headaches for small and large businesses alike.

Your Company’s Best Friend: Social Media Audit Templates

1. Identification: This template provides the site, URL, profile name, number of followers and the date and time of last activity.

2. Problem-based: Negative mentions, product name or service type, department or employee names.

3. Market Share: Total customers or sales versus competitor position.

4. Internal: Auditing company-controlled sites provides reasons for returns or failures to renew contracts and identifies customer service issues.

How Does a Social Media Audit Protect Your Brand and Image

Every successful company needs a consistent, deliberate approach to social media. The concept that every mention of your company name results in positive press requires the naive assumption that all those mentions resulted from positive customer experiences. However, the loudest voices rarely belong to happy customers. Additionally, locating those unhappy customers before they shred your company takes more time than entire teams possess, making it nearly impossible for the sole proprietor of a small local business to keep up without significant assistance. A continuous audit of all social media sites where you maintain a business presence requires superhuman effort, therefore companies such as NetBase Quid ride to the rescue.

Why Use NetBase Quid for Your Social Media Audit?

The majority of business owners fail to discover emerging issues on social media platforms until 21 hours after a negative post. Reducing that response time demands accurate, real-time information. A single, 15- or 30-minute daily audit churns through 91 to 182 hours per year and still might not discover emerging trends in time to create an effective response. Even if only one employee bears responsibility for social media, those hours cost a minimum of $1365 to $2730 per year, with no guarantee of breaking even and no return on the investment.

NetBase Quid combines the power of artificial intelligence with real-time, natural language text analytics. Operating continuously, NetBase Quid scours the internet for mentions of your company name, logs the name of the platform, the URL, and the context of the conversation, along with the amount of engagement with the post, the types of subsequent comments, and as much demographic information as possible. In addition to allowing companies to head off emerging problems, NetBase Quid analytics provide the basis for targeted ad campaigns, customer appreciation efforts, and demographic expansion attempts.


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