Do my business need Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you are a progressing small business or a medium sized business owner, it is high time you invest in an ERP solution, like Dynamics 365 Business Central, that consolidates all your data in one place. With a blooming business you certainly don’t have time to run through a dozen spreadsheets; why not have a solution with good accessibility, that is efficient, scalable, and easily manageable. Dynamics 365 Business Central has proven to increase your business performance, yielding more sales, and enhancing customer experience due to streamlined business processes.

Why Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that is part of the Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 business management applications. It is a cloud-based application (SaaS) that runs on Microsoft Azure cloud. It provides a complete solution for management of finance, supply chain, inventory, warehouse, and operations. It also has basic sales management capabilities. It may automate some of your business processes and simplify others. It stands out from its competitors because it is flexible and scalable with your increasing business demands.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Deployment

Dynamics 365 Business Central is deployable in the cloud as well as on-premises.

Cloud vs On-Premises Dynamics 365 Business Central

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central may primarily be known as Microsoft’s leading cloud ERP, it is also available as an on-premises solution. And while it offers a lot of the same core functionalities, there are some critical considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to deploy Business Central on the cloud or on-premises for your organization. In this blog post, we’ve identified the key differences between the two types of deployments to help you find the better fit for your business.  

Costs & Set-Up 

Business Central Cloud: 

  • The cloud version of Business Central is licensed on a subscription model, and you’ll pay on a monthly or annual basis. 
  • As Business Central is hosted on Microsoft Azure, you will not require hardware such as servers in-house or install the software 
  • Maintenance expenses will also be lower, as updates are scheduled automatically and managed by Microsoft or Microsoft partners  

Business Central On-Premises:  

  • On-premises Business Central has a perpetual license, where you pay a one-time fee to own the software  
  • It does require investment in hardware and space, as you will need servers to host the solution  
  • You might also require in-house IT resources to help maintain and upgrade the software 

Overall, your total cost of ownership is much lower with the cloud version of Business Central. In comparison, the on-premises version has a higher initial set-up cost and ongoing future expenses for maintenance.



One of the best features of Business Central is that it can be easily integrated with other Dynamics 365 applications such as Dynamics 365 CRM. It is also compatible with other Microsoft applications. For instance, you can get the Business Central Add-in for Outlook, making it possible for you to interact with customers and vendors directly from your inbox.


It is scalable with increasing business demands.  You can have unlimited number of users in business central and add different functionalities in your package as needed.

Real-Time Data Visualization

It provides a customizable dashboard for easy data visualization according to your requirements. You can know key performance parameters in a glance thereby allowing you to make quick assessments and smarter decisions. It can also predict future trends in business performance.


As Dynamics 365 business central is primarily hosted on cloud, it can be accessed anywhere on any device whether it be a laptop, cellphone, or a tablet. You can also control read/write access permissions for users according to their job roles.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Download and Deployment

Dynamics 365 Business Central has two editions:

  • Dynamic 365 Business Central Essentials ($70 Per user/month)
  • Dynamic 365 Business Central Premium ($100 Per user/month)

Difference between Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and Premium

The only difference between the two editions is that the premium edition comes with Manufacturing and Service management features. Any edition can be chosen according to the needs of your business. You can have unlimited number of users in both the editions.

Still not sure if it will work for you? You can download its free trial and see for yourself, what wonders it can do for your business.


If you want to manage your finances, customers, vendors, employees, inventory, and warehouse, get insight into your business performance, handle projects and plan operations all in one place, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best option for you. It is an affordable solution to meet all your business management needs. You only need to pay for your required number of users and functionality. Since it is a product by the tech giant Microsoft, we can rest assured of its quality and reliability, and can also expect some major upgrades with enhanced features in future.