Download Telenitrox Spy App to spy on any phone remotely-Updated August 2022

download telenitrox spy app

Download Telenitrox Spy app to spy on any phone remotely in 2022. Technology exposes us to challenges and opportunities alike. The quest for information has blurred the lines between what can be digitately accessed and what falls in privacy evasion.

Our team at Mobiritz did a thorough analysis that we would share in a separate release: Does Telenitrox let you spy on iPhone with just a phone number?


Download Telenitrox Spy App

For now, let us see how you can Download Telenitrox Spy app to your phone. We would be discussing the procedure for Android devices only here. The use of Telenitrox app for iPhone would be discussed separately. If you are still wondering how you can spy on a phone remotely, you can check our earlier post here:

Can I Spy On A Phone Without Installing A Software On The Target Phone?

The Mobiritz team has done comprehensive research on the Telenitrox app and we came to the following conclusions:

Telenitrox app does not have an official website from where you can Download Telenitrox Spy app

  1. Telenitrox app is not listed on the official Google Play Store
  2. The app or its developer(s) do not operate an official website either
  3. We could not find any verifiable reviews of users who downloaded the telenitrox app or were able to achieve the desired results
  4. No verifiable claims of the app able to achieve what it claims could be found
  5. No information on the developer(s) or a company behind the application was found.

Is Telenitrox App Legit?

We have extensively covered the telenitrox spy app recently. After hours of research and careful deliberation, we are finally at a point where we can comfortably answer the question: Is Telenitrox App Legit?

If you would like to have a background about the Telenitrox App, you can check our earlier post mentioned under:

We have tried every possible way to ascertain the facts and to find a legitimate download portal for the telenitrox app. In our quest to find a reliable source to download telenitrox app, we have also written the following blog post:

How to download Telenitrox App to spy on a phone?

However, despite our best and sincere efforts, we failed to find a legitimate portal or a website that can be used to download Telenitrox Spy App. Obviously, you can not download it from Android’s Play Store or Apple’s official App Store as well. The only way you can have the application is by sending an email to

Now, this is a red flag right there!

We also searched for numerous user reviews and for people who have tried their luck with the application. Again, and unfortunately, we failed to find any legitimate users who have actually downloaded and tried to use the application.

In order to fully answer, Is Telenitrox App Legit? We tested the application APK in a controlled environment and would like to share the following results:

  1. Since the Telenitrox app can not be downloaded from the official app stores or from a legitmate website, its nature and motives are highly doubtful.
  2. The review of the APK and whatever heuristics were available, also pointed to the fact that the Telenitrox app can potentially and allegedly cause more harm to then benefit.
  3. We failed to ascertain a mechanism that the app might use that would give it access to user data or information
  4. We failed to ascertain a process by which the app can relay back target data to an intended user or controller of the application
  5. There has been absolutely no version update done or version history available for the application
  6. No customer support or a user portal was available to the intended users of the applicatoin
  7. We also failed to extract any pricing information related to the telenitrox application
  8. There was no social media presence of the application or of any company that might claim ownership of the telenitrox application
  9. The application or the company/developer(s) behind the application do not operate a website. Nothing is transparent in this case.
  10. The application also failed to pass our user safety and security checks.

Telenitrox Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Telenitrox?

Telenitrox is a phone spy application that allegedly and presumably allows you to spy on a cell phone remotely.

How to get Telenitrox app?

Telenitrox spy application does not have a website from where you can Download Telenitrox Spy app. There was little to no information available about the developers or the company behind the app. The only way you can get the app is by sending an email at

Is Telenitrox app legit?

On the surface and face value, NO. Telenitrox is presumably not a legitimate spy app. We have extensively covered the topic in a previous blogpost here.

Can you spy on a phone remotely with Telenitrox?

With very little and unverifiable information available, it is hard to say anything conclusive about whether the telenitrox app really works or not. Whatever research we have done, we found no credible information on the viability or efficacy of the app.

How to download telenitrox app?

There is no way to download the app. Telenitrox does not have a website, nor is it available on official app stores for Android or iPhone. You will have to send an email to and then wait for their response.

Can you spy on a phone without installing any software on it with Telenitrox?

Hypothetically speaking, Yes. In essence, we could not find a working mechanism behind the app that can substantiate as conclusive evidence to prove that it can actually work without the need of installing software on the target phone.

How much does Telenitrox cost?

No information can be verified, but we believe it would be $100 to $150. Again, due to the lack of a verifiable website or information regarding the company behind the app, we failed to ascertain the true market value of the application.

How does Telenitrox work?

The application presents you with a web based interface. You would have to login to the portal using either the Google login information or the Apple ID login credentials. Once logged in and verified, the application claims to get you the data of the target phone.

Download Telenitrox Spy App for Android Phones:

Telenitrox Android Download; Can you download telenitrox on an android phone? We have covered the telenitrox spy app in great detail and talked at length about how effective it can be in spying on a mobile phone.

Here are the key takeaways from the previous updates that were posted on Mobiritz News.

Telenitrox spy app claims to

  • Telenitrox Spy app claims that you can spy on an android phone by installing telenitrox spy app.
  • The app works by gaining access to the google ID. You would still need login credentials, specifically the username and a password of the target phone to login to their google account
  • Once you are able to log in to the account, Telenitrox can tie up with the google account
  • Once the telenitrox is integrated with the Android operating system, it can give you data on the target phone such as location history, information on the applications installed and in some rare cases it can get you access to SMS and social media platforms conversation
  • Telenitrox does not have an official website and we could not find a legitimate company that backs the telenitrox app
  • Telenitrox spy app can not be downloaded from official Google Play Store, nor is it listed or accepted on the Android’s Google Play Store
  • For Telenitrox Android Download, you will have to install the APK file
  • In order to install Telenitrox app, you would have to first disable the security feature in android that stops third party application installs. Again, this can turn out to be a huge risk and you should only take the risk if you are an expert and know what you are doing. For naive users, we strongly advise not to disable this security feature and also not to trust third party android applications that are not listed on offical Google Play Store.


  • All users are strongly advised not to use the telenitrox application
  • The application is not supported by any of the official app stores, either Android or Apple
  • The application does not have an official website or company behind it nor is there an official source to Download Telenitrox Spy app
  • There is absolutely no customer support
  • If you pay money to Download Telenitrox Spy app or purchase the application, you do not qualify for a buyer protection and hence no refunds would be made to you
  • Our experts fail to verifiy the authenticity or efficiency of the app. In fact, this is a scam and we strongly believe this does not work at all
  • Our cyber security teams have strong reasons to believe that your privacy and safety would be compromised if you download or use this application
  • Therefore, we request all readers to steer clear of the application. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE IT.
  • If you still wish to proceed, you do so at your own risk and peril


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