Five Key Trends in EdTech to be Aware of in 2022


Technology is an industry that career workers cannot learn and become complacent. The truth is that technology is ever-changing. That change is why educational technology is making its way into schools from early childhood education to post-college studies. Continue reading to discover career titles for educational technology and five key trends in EdTech to be aware of in 2022.

Educational Technology, or EdTech, is a system whereby computer programs, educational systems, and computers are used to provide learning to teachers, employees, and students. It is used for teaching in almost every sector of the world, including schools and growing offices and makes information more accessible and the results are real.

Some EdTech positions include Educational Technology Specialist, Instructional Technology Specialist, Coordinator of E-learning, Digital Marketing Specialist, Programme Administrator 1. and more.

As a changing field, there are some trends in the EdTech space that tech workers should be aware of. Some of those include:

1. E-learning

No one had a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic on their bingo card two years ago and yet, we went through it and the world changed for everyone, including students of all levels. The pandemic made e-learning an essential part of every household with students. Teachers, parents, and students had to successfully transition everything they knew about learning to adopt e-learning.

E-learning means utilizing computers and other electronic technologies and devices to access the educational curriculum outside of the classroom as we know it. Some benefits of e-learning include:

  • Students learn at their own pace.
  • E-learning offers personalized programs.
  • It saves time and money on tutors – since learners can access it anywhere.
  • It leads students to better retention of information.
  • It is consistent and always available.
  • E-learning is scalable.

2. Virtual Parent Evenings

Due to social distancing, virtual parent evenings are more popular than ever and allow parents to meet with teachers and administrators and socialize with other parents without the threat of illness. There are numerous benefits to getting together with teachers or other parents virtually. Some of those are:

  • No need for babysitters.
  • Makes conferences less time-consuming – no commute for parents.
  • Teachers can see the parent-child relationship dynamic during the meeting.
  • Teachers or parents can pick a platform that they like.
  • Parents can prepare for the meeting.

3. Exam Conducting Platforms

High-quality online assessments make it possible for artificial intelligence (AI) to follow a student’s progress as they take tests. These platforms also can score students’ written answers based on prepared answers. Before, they were only able to answer questions through scantrons which were multiple choice answers. This kind of AI makes it less stressful for teachers and students when it comes to accurately score tests. These companies, along with test setters and proctors, work to create secure online exams.

There are several platforms for exams including Questionmark, Testgorilla. and Gauge Online Some benefits of exam conducting platforms include:

Safety and compliance with school rules.

Certifications to perform assessments.

4. Visualization Tools

Instead of simply allowing students to rush through programs and concepts as they work, helping students understand difficult concepts builds confidence and teaches lifelong lessons. For example, when teaching computer science visualization tools like a python visualizer is key to helping students understand complex programming concepts like parameters, constructors, and recursion. In its own resizable window, teachers and students can see everything necessary at one time. Other benefits of visualization tools include:

  • Makes code Editable for students to use as debugger tools.
  • Has turn-off editing to use with assessment tools.
  • Embedded for easy content authoring.
  • Can create impactful demonstrations for online learning programs.

5. Gamification

Most students love the concept of adding elements of playing a game or activity to encourage learning. That is why gamification is a 2022 trend that will be greatly used. A huge incentive for teachers is that students find learning more fun and enjoyable when it includes digital learning.

As you can see, education technology, or EdTech, is a strong industry that makes it possible for students to learn in the ever-changing environment. Between homeschooling and the pandemic that no one expected, EdTech is booming and the expansion doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The five key trends listed above for 2022 should be on everyone’s radar for learning.

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