How Business Should Use Google Trend for Keyword Research

Most businesses today will perform deep keyword research to ensure that their website can be discovered online. They will use various software that will tell them about the difficulty, monthly volume search, domain authority, CPC, competition score, etc of their focused keyword. However, Richard Bishara told us that we should not disregard Google Trend when researching for key phrases. Let us walk you through the things that you need to know about this.

What is Google Trend?

Google Trend collects data based on the searches made in Google. It enables the user to compare how frequently the search terms are used compared to other related keywords, different languages, and regions. Originally, this platform is being used to analyze the interest of the users. Now, it has transformed into a data-utilization software that offers storytelling at a grander scale. With this, you will be able to gauge the reaction of the public to current events and news stories. This tool has also revolutionized how research studies are performed and will continuously teach the users how they can beneficially integrate the available data. With this, you will be able to track various subjects and interests such as entertainment, sports, political matters, and attitudes.

How Can I Use Google Trend?

Apart from technological forecasting, Richard Bishara suggests that Google Trend can also be used for Search Engine Optimization. How you will use this tool will depend upon the kind of advantages you want to gain from it. Business owners and marketers can use this to understand the demand for the products or services. Here are more ways on how you can use it.

· Understand Search Volume-Search volume of the keyword will show the number of times that the key phrases were searched during a particular period. Phrases or words that contain higher volume will receive higher organic traffic. Once you entered the keyword in Google Trend, you will see the increase or the decrease of interest on that topic.

· Seasonal Trend- Another thing that you can identify with this tool would be the seasonal trend. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having the search data into a graph is that you can understand the decrease and increase in the search volume. For businesses that are relying on seasonal popularity, they can use this data to attract more potential customers. You can adjust your marketing plan, sales strategy, and inventory according to the trend.

· Understanding Unicorn Keywords- Unicorn terms are generic terms used in the industry that may appear ideal to include in your content; however, they will not create any huge difference. With Google Trend, you will be able to separate unicorns from the precise keywords.

Finally, you can also utilize Google Trend for your Video SEO. About 86% of the companies today are adding videos to their marketing strategy. Since they are important, you want to make sure that they are optimized so the robots can index them. With this tool, you can gather information to tweak the description and title of the video and make it more search-friendly.

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