How This Young Entrepreneur is Making A Name for Himself

Starting out as an entrepreneur is a difficult decision since you must abandon the notion of a 9-5 job. Many people begin seeking work as soon as they graduate, but only a small percentage pursue a career as an entrepreneur. This is due to the fact that much experience is necessary before one can consider pursuing it.

We could follow multiple influencers as inspiration. Fritz Colcol is a serial entrepreneur who has been successful in a variety of industries. To begin, a serial entrepreneur is someone who gets ideas for different businesses all the time and continues to bring these ideas to reality despite a change in job.

How Is Fritz Colcol Doing It All?

Fritz is a 31-year-old business owner from Chicago. He began his adventure as a fitness maniac who acquired 150 pounds in total. His experience is detailed on his Instagram account, which millions of people find motivating. This earned him sponsors, and he rose to the position of chief marketing officer for a fat-burning tea. This reputation opened many doors for him, and he now owns multiple businesses, including Simply Thalia, Thalia Spice, and Tomi Sushi Chicago, as well as garment stores like Iridium Clothing Co. and Iridium77Lab, a digital marketing agency, and various e-commerce stores.

You can imagine how many concepts he has brought to life merely because of his brilliant thoughts. Fritz Colcol received the “Serial Entrepreneur” award from the Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame in Chicago in 2019.

Fritz also owns a digital marketing agency where he advises clients on how to be successful in their endeavors. Being a master of several skills has its advantages, and Fritz has taken use of them all. He was enthused by his early success as a digital marketer, so he determined to learn everything he could about the industry and become a pro at what he does. This made him learn about various industries so he could expand his services.

Fritz has competed in a variety of events, including the Men’s Physique Natural Division and Mr. America 2021, both of which were broadcast on national television; CBS Sports Network; and Generation Iron. Participating in these events necessitates a polygraph and a drug test to confirm that contestants normally compete, and Fritz passed all of them with excellence.

Learning From The Legendary Fritz Colcol

It simply takes determination to become a master in your subject of interest. You are one-step closer to achieving your goals. Fritz would not be who he is now if he had not gone to become the ultimate Greek God figure. It provided him with several opportunities. Fritz is a master of many things, which is why the US Army earned him the prestigious title of “Chicage Center of Influence.”

Many people now admire Fritz and follow his path for inspiration. Making a name for ourselves these days is a very simple endeavor, given the abundance of available possibilities. So, start by following this entrepreneur’s quest to become the next great influencer.

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