How to Build a Relationships With Clients

Relationships With Clients

By Elizabeth Howard

Your business needs to focus on building relationships with clients if it wants to grow and succeed. This means you need to find different ways to leave positive impressions on clients, so they want to keep working with your business. As your business does this, it can see more success, retain its customers and increase its profits.

Establish Good Communication Habits

You should start by establishing good communication habits with your clients. This means you should talk with them regularly while also having an easy way for you to talk with each other. For example, some businesses may focus on phone calls, others may use emails and some may even go with text messages.

Not only should you have a good channel, but you need to respond quickly to your clients. Generally speaking, clients expect a response no later than 24-hours, but you should respond sooner when possible. If you do this, you can show your willingness to communicate with your clients, so they recognize the effort you put into the business relationship.

Send Personalized Letters

While letters shouldn’t be used as a primary communication channel, you can use them to show how much you care about your clients. When you send letters, they know you put forth extra effort to communicate with them. This means you shouldn’t use the letters for important or time-sensitive messages, but you can use them to show your appreciation.

While a standard letter can leave a great impression on clients, you can take it a step further by using custom stationery when you send those messages. This shows professionalism, and a personalized message will make your client feel appreciated. 

Meet In Person When Possible

You should take some time to talk with your clients in person when possible to build relationships with clients. For example, you may have clients in the local area, so make sure you get them to visit with you, so you can build a relationship. You may want to take it a step further by paying for high-priority clients to visit with your business.

If you can’t meet in person, you should see if you can at least have a video chat. This approach allows you to see each other face-to-face, so you can interact and build a stronger relationship. If you have the chance to meet in person, you should do so to make the most of it.

Ask Them Questions

You should go out of your way to ask your clients questions such as ones involving feedback to help you out. When you ask for feedback, you can find out what your clients want from you, so you can make changes and improve your business. Make sure you prepare some questions ahead of time, so you don’t have to come up with them on the spot.

You should ask your clients various questions concerning your business, so you can understand how they feel. However, you should make sure you ask questions not involving the business process, so you can avoid looking like you don’t know how to handle your business procedures.

Treat Them and Offer Benefits

You need to make your clients feel special if you want them to stick with you. This means you should figure out some different ways to interact with clients and show your appreciation to them. For example, you should take them to have a meal with you, so you can sit with each other and build some stronger relationships.

You should also offer some benefits and deals to your clients including discounts on your products, additional services, and anything else you can offer. If you do this, you can encourage your clients to stick with your business. Otherwise, they may go with a different company if they think they can receive better offers.


Focusing on client relationships can help your business leave positive impressions on those it works with. If you can improve these relationships and grow closer with your clients, you can encourage them to keep working with your business. Make sure you work hard and find different ways to improve these relationships, so you and your clients can help each other.

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