How to check if my iPhone is Hacked?

iPhone is Hacked

Ever wonder how to check if my iPhone is hacked? That’s a seemingly uncommon question but at some point, everyone thinks for a while that their iPhone is hacked. Today, we are going to guide you through simple steps that you can use to check if your iPhone is hacked.

First and foremost, a mobile phone is compromised with intent. So obviously, whoever hacks a phone follows it up with malicious activity and spying. Normally, the motive is to extract some information. For example, a phone hacker might be interested in reading through your messages or intercepting your voice calls. A hacker might also attempt to access your social media accounts or your email accounts. In serious cases, a phone hacker might be able to tap into your bank accounts by using your mobile phone.

First look for some obvious signs. Your iPhone after being hacked by a phone hacker would start showing suspicious behavior. Stay on the lookout for strange pop-up messages and notifications. You might also be able to see applications that you can not recall installing on your phone. At the same time, you would be able to notice suspicious activity via SMS. There would be messages in your inbox that you can not recall. Your social media services might also alert you to login attempts. Another key area to look for is your battery usage history. If you see an unusual battery usage by your iPhone’s mic, camera, or screen, this can also be a sign that your iPhone is hacked.

To know how you can check the battery usage of your iPhone, please click here.

Another obvious sign is your data usage. If you notice unusually high data usage, this might also be a sign that your iPhone is hacked.

Apart from this, there are specific codes that you can use to check the same. We have written a detailed post on how to check if your iPhone is hacked, please check it below:

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