How to download Telenitrox App to spy on a phone? UPDATED August 2022

How to download Telenitrox App to spy on a phone

Download Telenitrox app is a new trend and search engines such as Google are maxed out with search queries such as “How to download Telenitrox spy app”, “How to get telenitrox app”. The number one reason? People want to spy on a phone. Now they can and would surely have their reasons. Whether the reasons are legitimate or not, we would stop our mandate short of that. Perhaps, I would be discussing the same in a separate post since this requires at length discussion of the motives and the legal implications of each.

For now, let us see how you can Download Telenitrox app to your phone. We would be discussing the procedure for Android devices only here. The use of Telenitrox app for iPhone would be discussed separately. If you are still wondering how you can spy on a phone remotely, you can check our earlier post here:

Can I Spy On A Phone Without Installing A Software On The Target Phone?

The Mobiritz team has done comprehensive research on the Telenitrox app and we came to the following conclusions:

Telenitrox app does not have an official website

  1. Telenitrox app is not listed on the official Google Play Store
  2. The app or its developer(s) do not operate an official website either
  3. We could not find any verifiable reviews of users who downloaded the telenitrox app or were able to achieve the desired results
  4. No verifiable claims of the app able to achieve what it claims could be found
  5. No information on the developer(s) or a company behind the application was found.

These are all “red flags”. We would advise our readers to steer clear of the application due to its dubious nature. It might bring in more harm than any good.


What is Telenitrox?

Telenitrox is a phone spy application that allegedly and presumably allows you to spy on a cell phone remotely.

How to get Telenitrox app?

Telenitrox spy application does not have a website. There was little to no information available about the developers or the company behind the app. The only way you can Download Telenitrox app is by sending an email at

Is Telenitrox app legit?

On the surface and face value, NO. Telenitrox is presumably not a legitimate spy app. We have extensively covered the topic in a previous blog post here.

Can you spy on a phone remotely with Telenitrox?

With very little and unverifiable information available, it is hard to say anything conclusive about whether the telenitrox app really works or not. Whatever research we have done, we found no credible information on the viability or efficacy of the app.

How to download telenitrox app?

There is no way to download the app. Telenitrox does not have a website, nor is it available on official app stores for Android or iPhone. You will have to send an email to and then wait for their response.

Can you spy on a phone without installing any software on it with Telenitrox?

Hypothetically speaking, Yes. In essence, we could not find a working mechanism behind the app that can substantiate as conclusive evidence to prove that it can actually work without the need of installing software on the target phone.

How much does Telenitrox cost?

No information can be verified, but we believe it would be $100 to $150. Again, due to the lack of a verifiable website or information regarding the company behind the app, we failed to ascertain the true market value of the application.

How does Telenitrox work?

The application presents you with a web based interface. You would have to login to the portal using either the Google login information or the Apple ID login credentials. Once logged in and verified, the application claims to get you the data of the target phone.



*Be advised that the app is only for professionals and for people who want to test it in a controlled environment. Downloading and activating apps from places other than official app stores can pose serious safety, security and privacy risks.

*This article is purely for research and awareness purposes. Mobiritz and any of its sister sites/companies do not promote or endorse any such service.

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