How to Generate Leads Through B2B Webinars

How to Generate Leads Through B2B Webinars

Are you searching for the best new way to generate leads? One of the best things that you can do is also one of the most cost-effective. A webinar can net you a ton of new leads to fuel business. Through a webinar, you can teach useful skills and relate them to your business services. This will allow your potential customers to interact with you and feel more comfortable with leadership in your business. Here are 5 great new ways for you to maximize the number of leads you can generate through a series of B2B webinars. 

1. Make Sure to Use the Best Conferencing Equipment

The first thing that you will need to do is make sure that you are always making use of the very best video conferencing equipment. This will be an absolute must if you want to be sure that you can reach your maximum intended audience. You want to be able to speak to them in clear and convincing tones. The quality of your feed is paramount. That being said, you will want to host the webinar from a place with a suitable internet connection so that the webinar runs smoothly. 

2. Make Sure Your Topic is Engaging

You have a very limited time to generate leads through the means of your next webinar. Most webinars only last for a time of 60 to 90 minutes. This is the time that you have to generate new leads that will turn into loyal lifelong clients. It will be up to you to do all in your power to make a webinar as riveting as you can.

The topic should always be one that goes right to the central interest of your core audience. It should be focused on new ways to engage their interest as well as their participation. The key will be to rivet their interest and translate it into action. To do this, your repartee needs to be sharp and totally to the point.

3. Host Your Webinar Session with a Partner

There is no reason why you should have to shoulder the entire burden of hosting a new business webinar entirely on your own. This is an area where it is more than permitted to call on the aid and counsel of a partner. A co-host can be an expert that adds to your credibility.

There are a number of key benefits that hosting a webinar with a partner can bring. For one, your partner may be an industry celebrity whose mere presence will help to draw in more viewers and, ultimately, more leads. They can also aid you by helping you to draw on the very best facts and figures for your speech.

4. Make Sure to Effectively Promote Your Webinar

If you are going to go through all of the effort to create and host a webinar, you had better make sure it gets heavily promoted. You can create an email marketing campaign to let all of the people on your list know what’s coming. You should also promote the event on your site and all of your social media pages.

Live hosting the event on social media is a good idea. Youtube is a great place to host a webinar as you won’t have to do anything this archive it on your channel. This will give you the broadest possible audience for your webinar. Once the event is over, you can then archive it on the page. This will allow latecomers to view the event at their leisure. Hosting it on social media can lead to even more client interest.

Make sure that for people to see your webinar that they sign up via email to receive an invite link. This will require leads to sign up to your mailing list that way you can invite them easily to future webinars and take them down the inbound marketing funnel. 

5. Keep in Touch with Clients After the Event

The last thing you should keep in mind is that your relations with your clients are not over once the webinar has ended. Now is the time for you to count up and fully qualify each new lead that you have garnered. These are leads that can lead straight to new sales as well as a lifelong relationship.

Send emails thanking them for attending the webinar. Outline the fine points of the event so they won’t forget. Send the presentation slides or an ebook that sums up the main points of the event. Cap it all off with a call to action that invites them to come back to your site to learn more or call to book a consultation for your services. 

Lead Generation is the Key to Success

When it comes to generating leads, you’ve got to be fast on your feet. As the owner of a business, you need to explore every option to find these leads. A new series of online webinars can be the key to finding the leads you need to fuel a whole new series of business goals. The sooner you click with them, the better. Provide quality informational content for free that they would find valuable and relate it to your products or service. Make sure to also take timely action following your event so you can generate customers out of your webinar attendees. 

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