How to Improve Your Business’ Productivity

business productivity

Attaining higher business productivity is among the main objectives of every business. Increased productivity ensures higher production, effective utilization of available resources, and lower cost of production. It also leads to better competitiveness. For instance, if you can produce products at a lesser cost than your competitors, you can reduce the prices. Higher productivity also ensures increased wages to your workers, boosting their motivation. The tips below will help your company attain higher business productivity and business success.

Set Realistic Goals and Provide Support

One of the typical dilemmas for many managers is a lack of a strong or clear understanding of whether their workers are significantly productive or not. Your employees will perform better when you have realistic goals and clear guidelines. They need regular assessments to help them know if they are on the way to achieving their targets and what they should do next. Taking your time to assist with goal-setting plans will make your staff feel valued. They will also feel like you are cheering them on as they strive to earn different incentives.


Suggesting realistic goals and providing clear expectations can significantly boost business productivity. However, remember to offer support and to avoid micromanaging goal-setting and projects. Being there and providing support will show your workers you value their abilities and work ethics. Giving them the freedom to add input or set specific goals also shows them you believe in their capabilities, eventually leading to business productivity.

Use the Right Communication Tools

The modern worker is quite comfortable with different communication tools, from online chats to text messaging to conventional styles such as bulletin boards and email. You can exploit the power of communication in your company to improve productivity by providing employees with the appropriate tools. An email program’s calendar features can help you schedule meetings easier and faster. 


Implementing an instant messaging program in the workplace also allows your workers to communicate without wasting time on missed connections and desk visits. By harnessing these communication tools, you can cut costs and enhance productivity in your business.

Use Technology

The other way you can increase productivity is by implementing technology in your business. For instance, you can use time-tracking software to monitor your employees’ performance and productivity. These systems make it easy for your staff to plan their workday and know the duration each task needs to complete. This way, your employees will have more control over their schedules, leading to increased productivity. Time-tracking reports will also help you see how the business is operating and know if you need to change anything to boost its efficiency.


You can also use a GPS tracker to make sure your employees use business vehicles for authorized purposes only during specific hours. These vehicle tracking systems also allow you to set alerts that notify you when an employee uses a business truck during off-hours. This way, you can evaluate your employees’ performance, reduce operation costs, and maximize profits.

Create a Distraction-Free Working Environment

Distractions in the workplace come in all sizes and shapes. They are external or internal things that distract your employees from their work. Prioritizing the well-being and health of your staff can help address internal distractions in the workplace. External distractions like emails, background noise, notifications, and social media can eat into your company’s time management plans. Knowing how these interruptions affect your staff will help you enact appropriate measures to minimize them.


Social media is a big productivity killer but implementing a no-phone policy is not reasonable. Instead, you can encourage your staff to switch off their phones but allow them periodic breaks when they can check their social media and mobile phones. This way, you’ll ensure that your staff’s time at the workplace is more productive.

Wrapping up

Improved productivity in any enterprise is a sign of healthy work culture and business. You’ll attain higher productivity when your workers are happy, supported, motivated, and have the right tools to perform their tasks. A productive company enjoys low production costs, increased profitability, and improved business relationships and customer service. The more productive a firm is, the easier it is to create a healthy workplace and establish organizational growth. Adopting the above practices will improve your business’s yield and boost its efficiency.

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