How to Modernize Your Small Business This Year

How to Modernize Your Small Business This Year

You have to remain sharp when you run a small business. After all, you’re competing with a portion of the 32 million other startups in the U.S. One way to do this is to modernize your operations. Here are some tips to upgrade your small business this year.

Digitize Your Records

Do you have rows of file cabinets with contracts, invoices, and other materials that reveal your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII)? If so, you need to get rid of the material. However, don’t throw these items out until they’re digitized. There are several benefits to conversion. First, you minimize the risk of a security breach. Second, the information is better organized and easier to retrieve in a digital format. Plus, it’s easier to complete the transfer through multi-function printers (MFPs) that digitize material in seconds.

Move Your Data to the Cloud

Don’t leave your digitized data on your personal device or in-house servers. You increase the risk of malicious activity and catastrophic data loss if the hardware isn’t fully protected. Instead, move the data into the cloud.


Cloud computing has a strong return on investment. You don’t need to purchase computer hardware and software for your server farm or hire a full-time IT staff. Cloud companies work with customers to grow their storage capacity as their businesses expand. On top of this, the environment’s protections offer significant countermeasures. While their security protocols don’t eliminate risks, they severely reduce the chances of compromise.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Studies reveal consumers want the companies they deal with to increase their sustainability. Don’t ignore the requests to reduce your carbon footprint. Implementing environmental-saving measures is a way to modernize your small business and prepare it for the future.


The small moves equal positive responses. For example, install an energy management application to control your building’s lights. Install heat-absorbing windows to increase the use of natural illumination. Implement an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program to recycle and repurpose your electronic devices.

Enhance Your Physical Security

How do you protect your company’s assets? If so, upgrade your security. Not only do you need tools to protect your digital information. It’s also necessary to secure your physical assets. Perform an audit to determine gaps in your location that increase the risk of malicious activity. Next, get together with your leadership to find solutions to minimize these issues. It may require you to set up an excellent security camera system that will help you keep your business secure. Or, you may need to install a fence and gate to prevent suspicious activity.

Establish Work From Home Practices

Working from home (WFH) was a necessity during the pandemic. It remains a way to modernize your small business. However, review your operations before you implement new WFH regulations. Sell or sub-leasing your office space if your audit concludes a physical location isn’t necessary. On the other hand, consider a hybrid schedule if you believe the staff should occasionally work from the office.

Create Apps

Apps give businesses an advantage in their marketplace. They offer another way for customers to learn more about your company and its products. Plus, it caters to the growing population that uses their smart devices to browse the internet. You don’t need a team of developers to create an app. There are online platforms that guide you through the process. Thus, you can have something ready to upload to an app marketplace in a few days. With the proper promotion, you quickly increase your customer base.

Update Communication Channels

You can’t run a successful business without communication. If you’ve previously encountered issues with your customers and employees, you need updated channels to ease the pain points. Instant message tools and video conferencing are efficient ways to communicate with your employees, even when they work from the office. Meanwhile, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application allows your clients to report issues through an online form or chatbot. Overall, the more you communicate, the better employees and consumers feel about the company.


Examine the above items and select the one you believe can be quickly implemented to modernize your small office. Add others once you test and enhance the first option. Eventually, these items and tasks will increase security and productivity. Additionally, they’ll enhance worker and customer satisfaction.

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