How to Onboard New Employees Stress-Free

Bringing on new talent will always feel a little stressful if you’re running a company. You’ve got to develop a solid onboarding process before you’ll be able to relax. Here are a couple of ideas that should help you develop yours.

Screen Applicants Thoroughly

Spending a lot of time interviewing unqualified prospects is just a waste. You’ve got to screen them out before you’re going to spend any time on them. Screening out unqualified prospects makes it easier to spend time with talented ones. That’s how you’re going to build the best team in your industry. By spending time with talented prospects, growing an extraordinary organization isn’t hard.

We recommend listing all the job requirements on your ads. Usually, you can use software to sort through all the resumes you get while the ad is posted. Then, just invite the ones who’ve got the best qualifications.

Update Software Often

Something that causes people issues while they’re onboarding would be software problems. Learning about the latest office 365 migration challenges could help you.

If you’re aware of the latest roadblocks, you can usually find a way around them. Take a course to see how your software works, so you can use the knowledge on the job.

Coach Them Through the Process

The first few days someone is on our job feel pretty intimidating. Put yourself in the shoes of your applicants and try to coach them through the day. Showing them how to do everything should help them pick it up on their own.

If you’ve got a large team, you don’t even have to do this yourself. You could get one of the more experienced team members to help them through their days.

Giving them a little oversight is helpful during the first couple of weeks they’re on the job. Over time, you’ve got to wean them off all the support, though. Otherwise, they might not develop the independence you’d like in a successful employee.

Hire a Dedicated Onboarding Team

Most companies end up hiring an onboarding team once they’ve grown past a certain point. It’s almost impossible to handle all the onboarding tasks by yourself. After your company grows too large, you’ve got to hire some help.

Hiring a dedicated team would help you make sure everyone gets through the process. Plus, you wouldn’t have to skip any of the important steps along the way.

Don’t overload the overreporting team, though. You should only need to hire a handful of people unless you’re running a massive enterprise.

Get Them to Shadow for a Few Days

Sometimes, shadowing one of the top employees can be helpful when you’re new. You could try implementing a shadow program during the first few weeks someone is on the job. They could spend the day following top performers around while they’re working.

Getting to see how they’re doing the job can help them perform better once they’re on the floor. You shouldn’t have to keep them in the shadow program for more than a month at the most. Spending too long shadowing can be detrimental to your performance once you’re on the job.

Ask Them for Feedback During the Process

Even dedicated employers struggle to understand how employees feel during the onboarding process.

One of the best things you can do is simply ask them about their experience. You’ve got to be honest with yourself at the same time. If you’re not willing to make changes based on their opinions, it’s going to be tough to improve.

Try to implement some of their feedback, starting with the most common complaints. After you’ve seen the results, you can decide whether to implement more changes.

Too many changes at once can be overwhelming for an organization, unfortunately. You should pace yourself while you’re innovating the onboarding experience for new employees.

Successfully Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding employees is one of the most important steps during the hiring process. Successful onboarding can propel employees to the top of the leader boards. It might take a little time to develop yours. So, we’ve given you a few tidbits to redesign your process, creating a better experience.

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