How to Run a Self Storage Facility Successfully

How to Run a Self Storage Facility Successfully (1)

Self storage facility gives customers a safe and secure place to store their belongings. Many offer both interior and exterior storage and have deals for new customers. The way you treat those who reach out about renting and how you treat your current customers will play a key role in the success of your business. Whether you already opened a facility or plan to open one soon, check out how to run a self-storage facility successfully.

Offer Different Storage Options

No matter where you decide to build, you’ll face competition from other storage facilities. To set yourself apart from the competition, you need to offer different storage options. Give customers the unit sizes they need. In addition to big units that can hold an entire house, you need to offer smaller units. This appeals to college students who need to store their belongings over the summer and people who need more space at home. 


It’s also helpful to offer outdoor parking spots for vehicle owners. Make sure that you have spots big enough for RVs and other campers. If you have more money to invest in the facility, consider adding some climate-controlled units. Though they cost more to build, you can rent them for more per month.

Use the Web

Don’t assume that your facility will be successful without using the web. The internet makes it easier for you to connect with your customers. There are different types of software that allow them to sign up for a unit and pay their monthly bill online. Customers will love that they don’t need to come in during standard business hours to pay their bills. You may even offer a discount for those who pay online because you don’t need to pay to process the payment in your office. The storage facility website should include your hours of operation and a copy of the contract the customers pay. Give them an email address they can use to send messages and share your phone number.

Invest in Good Insurance

You can put language in the contract that claims you are not responsible for lost or stolen goods, but that will not keep your customers from suing if someone breaks into their unit. Good insurance will also cover the cost of damage done to your facility. You never know when a customer might break or damage the lock on another unit. A customer may lose their focus and crash into your office or run into the side of a storage building. 


When you compare self storage insurance providers, you get the chance to see what each company offers and how it helps you. You can often bring down your insurance rates when you install an electronic gate and security cameras.

Choose the Right Management Type

All storage facilities have some type of management that helps customers and oversees the property. With on-site management, you will work during standard business hours. Though some facilities are only open from 8 or 9 in the morning until 4 or 5 at night, others have someone on-site until as late as 9 pm. Remote management requires some high upfront fees but can pay off in the long run. You give customers control over their units and allow them to enter and leave through a gate. If you don’t want to handle the daily operations yourself, you can always hire a manager to work in the office during the hours you need help.

Promote Your Self Storage Facility Business

Make your self storage facility successful when you promote your business. A good promotion is a discount that you offer for new customers. You might give them free use of a moving truck for a day when they rent a unit or give them one month for as low as $1. There are similar promotions that appeal to new customers too. You can give them 10% off or more when they pay for six to 12 months in advance or let them have one month for free as a reward for paying their monthly rent on time. Use signs outside of your facility and run ads on social media to entice customers.


With so many storage facilities in your area, it’s often hard to set your business apart. Choosing the right management method and using the web are some easy ways to run your business and make it a success.

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