How to Spy on a phone remotely? Telenitrox Alternate

Telenitrox Alternate

Can you spy on a phone remotely? Can you spy on a phone without installing any software on it? These are some of the frequently asked questions we come across.

While trying to answer the same, we have extensively covered the telenitrox spy app in our various posts.

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After a careful analysis of the Telenitrox spy app and discussing at length the possibilities it brings, we have reached a conclusion that the app falls short of promising or guaranteed results.

Our quest for the perfect app that lets you spy on a phone remotely continues.

Today, we would be briefly discussing a telenitrox alternate. MobiStealth is another promising mobile phone spy app. Or at least, on the surface, this is what it looks like. We would delve deep into the review and discuss it at length.

The Pro version of the Mobistealth Spy App can be downloaded for $59.99 where as there is a Pro-X version available as well for $69.99 per month.

The app, just like most of them, relies on iTunes credentials to extract data from the target phone. As we discussed earlier, in this case, you can extract information pertaining to the following:

  • Geographic data such as location of the device
  • Information on the apps installed on the target device
  • Limited information about the operating system in use
  • Information on social media activity with constraints and dependency on user privacy settings

The app does looks legitimate in the sense that it has a verifiable developer and a functional website that allows you to download the app. You can also get customer support via the website.

The payment for the app, however, has to be done via a credit card. We believe if the PayPal option was available, that would be contributed to an improved trust factor with the PayPal buyer protection guarantee.

This is a short overview of the Telenitrox alternate. We would be covering the MobiStealth app review in more detail in an upcoming post.


*Be advised that the app is only for professionals and for people who want to test it in a controlled environment. Downloading and activating apps from places other than official app stores can pose serious safety, security and privacy risks.

*This article is purely for research and awareness purposes. Mobiritz and any of its sister sites/companies do not promote or endorse any such service.

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