Is Telenitrox App Safe? Does it work? USER ADVISORY

Is Telenitrox App safe? We have been receiving multiple complaints despite the fact that we clearly mentioned that we could not ascertain the validity or effectiveness of the telenitrox spy application.

Over the past two or three weeks, we have written a lot about the application. We tried every possible way to verify if this application can actually work.

In our quest to present our readers with verifiable information, we have also written a “Telenitrox Spy App Frequently Asked Questions” post. Which can be accessed here.

Now, therefore, and after receiving complaints from our readers, we have decided to publish a user advisory for the telenitrox spy app.

With conclusive evidence and verifiable facts, we would like to state the following:

  • All users are strongly advised not to use the telenitrox application
  • The application is not supported by any of the official app stores, either Android or Apple
  • The application does not have an official website or company behind it
  • There is absolutely no customer support
  • If you pay money to download or purchase the application, you do not qualify for a buyer protection and hence no refunds would be made to you
  • Our experts fail to verifiy the authenticity or effecicieny of the app. In fact, this is a scam and we strongly believe this does not work at all
  • Our cyber security teams have strong reasons to believe that your privacy and safety would be compromised if you download or use this application
  • Therefore, we request all readers to steer clear of the application. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE IT.
  • If you still wish to proceed, you do so at your own risk and peril

Mobiritz News officially requests you not to interact with the application or any of the websites that allow its download. We do not endorse the application, nor do we support or promote it in any way.

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