The ultimate cheat sheet of Solomon Babajide about making your business startup successful

It takes more than guts to achieve success when starting your business from ground-zero, but it becomes more challenging when you have no prior experience or knowledge about the dynamics of corporate sector or management.

Many people end up in debts from loans taken to start their businesses, and firms that go belly-up. There are a few things to keep in mind, when starting your business:

  1. Have clarity on what it is you want to do or accomplish.
  2. Be ready to commit time, energy, focus and resources to discovering what is needed and be innovative in providing it.
  3. Learn from mistakes – from yours and those in similar enterprise. Make efforts to avoiding being a statistic.

There are these key principles and there are hand-holders, guides, mentors, coaches that will motivate you through the uncharted journey – until realization.

Solomon Babajideis one of the most famous such hand-holders in the corporate world due to his 45 years of international management experience and the ideas and plans he offers to make many struggling businesses flourish.

Who is Solomon Babajide?

Solomon Babajide is an accomplished management practitioner with over 45 years of international management experience. He was Chief Executive Officer at one of Seaboard Corporation’s largest non-petroleum American investments in Nigeria, West Africa, and Group Coordinator, SEABOARD GROUP, Nigeria.

Solomon enjoys developing people and building organizations. He shares his diversified management experience through coaching classes. He helps entrepreneurs battling business failures and sustainability attain relevance so that they can realize long-term success and grow and scale their businesses and brands into the future.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration [MBA], Masters in Economics and Social Development, and an honorary Doctorate in Theology

The ultimate cheat sheet

The ultimate cheat sheet for having a flourishing startup and business, according to Solomon Babajide, can be described below;

  1. Trusting the process

According to him, if one wants long-lasting success, one should consider taking sure and steady path rather than the enticing a shortcut towards success.

In Solomon’s words: “short cuts, cuts short lives.” Sothe conclusionis to avoid short cuts and trust the process of whatever you are doing, hoping for the best outcome.

  1. Having faith and staying consistent

Solomon believes you can achieve more when you stay consistent and have faith in whatever you do. Many of us fail because we lose faith and consistency in thethings we initially started with passion, which with the passing of time and challenges grew weary, discouraged and then drop out.

Put simply, to have an enduring success:

  • stay on the path to working and making your goal succeed. Give it your time, energy, focus and resources.
  • have faith. Find your spark and keep it alive.
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