Top 3 People Working For Circular Economy

The Earth is already approaching its endgame, and we will meet it shortly if prompt action is not taken. The Earth’s natural resources were designed to last as long as humans do, yet what we see now is alarming. The resources are already nearing the end of their useful life, which might pose a major challenge for civilization in the future.

The term ‘Circular Economy’ is becoming more popular as more people see this harsh truth and take action against the liner economy. The words’recycle and reuse’ have reached its apex in the modern era, with an increasing number of businesses making it their slogan in order to put a stop to these detrimental activities.

Following are the most prominent persons who are advocating for and demonstrating the Circular Economy concept via their activities.

George Amoh- Founder, Huri Movement

George studied this extensively in his bachelor’s degree, and he even pursued it as a topic of study owing to his desire to enhance public awareness. We can only learn the genuine notion of the circular economy if we always look at the broad picture and strive to see the eventual consequence of our activities. He says,”I think the future of circular is bright, just as long as you remember that we have a responsibility for generations we haven’t seen. And as long as we can do that and continue having conferences like this that give actionable steps towards what’s next, I think the sky’s the limit and we need to keep this going.”

Faith Edem- Policy Analyst, Environment and Climate Change Canada

This young innovator has gained insight into this notion by using Amazon as an example. Because it is used worldwide and employs a large number of people, this firm has the potential to reshape the whole global infrastructure. At the end of the day, it is not about how well we do in our fields and break all the records; if we are putting the Earth in peril, our success is meaningless. “When we’re looking at a company like Amazon, that does have the investment, infrastructure and ability to make a substantial change in its circular strategy and supply chain, I think for me that session really just outlined the importance of investment leading towards more value add in a circular infrastructure, and ensuring that companies like Amazon are with us through the process as we try to develop what the future circular economy will look like.”

Dauro Löhnhoff Dorea- Co-founder American Institute of Circular Economy

There is nothing more important than creating awareness about the circular economy concept since it is only then that most people will learn about it. Dauro Löhnhoff Dorea has taken it upon himself to promote awareness through his institution, where he explains the benefits of a circular economy as well as what the ongoing destruction we have inflicted on the Earth will look like in the future. Through the CEI certification programs, you may learn how to implement the circular economy framework by using tools and guidance from the world’s greatest circular economy professionals.Circular Economy has the potential to provide numerous new job possibilities, develop extra resources, save money, and usher in the long-awaited change in our world.

These people are influencing the way we look at the Earth and continue to ruin it via our activities. Circular Economy is a need of the times, and if we continue to debate it, the consequences will be disastrous. Help these brilliant folks on their quest to be a part of the change.

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