Using the Information Highway to Grow Your Business

Using the Information Highway to Grow Your Business

Making use of data analytics is vital for any business to grow, as you cannot make informed future decisions if the formation of what you base your decisions on is unreliable or inaccurate. So in order to aid growth in your business in all areas, Mobiritz News shares how to use the information highway to your maximum advantage.

Marketing and Customer Retention

By analyzing data, a company is able to identify those customers who are likely to become return customers based on their preferences and purchase history. This can then assist marketers in creating tailored marketing solutions to suit the appropriate segments of this target audience only, instead of wasting time on those customers who are only interested in a one-time purchase.

When it comes to marketing your business further to only select individuals, marketing analytics can further enhance the customer relationship by honing in on the finer details to see what marketing efforts are making an impact as intended and where you need to concentrate your efforts more. 

Suppose you’ve identified an area in your marketing campaign, such as the memorability of your logo, that needs a little more work based on feedback from customers, for example. Instead of exhausting your resources even further, there are plenty of more affordable and even free options available online, such as a business logo creator that you can use to customize your logo, fonts, and color scheme to boost brand awareness instead of paying for logo design services (which can end up being considerably more expensive). 

Minimizing Risk

In this sense, data analysis becomes vitally important to ascertain where you might have gone wrong in the past, thereby minimizing the risk associated with acting on incorrect information. In some cases, you might have to work harder to address these issues. However, in other instances, information may reveal that it may be better to leave out a strategy altogether and instead focus on those key areas where your strengths lie in order to capitalize on these further.

Depending on your current knowledge of technology, you may find it easier to understand and apply these risk management solutions with a degree in IT. There are many programs that offer online courses towards degrees in Information Technology, Cloud Computing, and Data Management/Data Analytics, to name a few. 

Managing Inventory

If your industry is particularly inventory-intensive, data analytics can assist in managing your inventory by ensuring your stock levels are balanced at all times and that there is sufficient stock to meet current demands as well as future demand based on purchasing trends and forecasts.

Product Enhancement

Interestingly, data is also vitally important and is used in the product development phase to test whether an idea is feasible or not. Moreover, while an amendment to a product may sound good in theory, information will be able to show whether people are likely to buy into a new idea based on what they are looking for and what they have purchased in the past.

Day-to-Day Business Operations

Interpreting past and current information not only assistants future decision-making but also assists in the day-to-day operations of the business, too. Here it’s about using the information in real-time to ensure the smooth running of the business not only for future reference but on a daily basis too. This is done by using current trends to see where improvements can be made, expenses can be saved, and how to optimize resources to make a positive impact on the bottom line at the end of the day. 

You can also optimize daily practices through BPM, or business process management. This guide to business process management explains that its purpose is to utilize data to optimize and automate business processes, which increases efficiency and decreases cost. 

In summary, data analytics is hugely instrumental in determining how a business has performed in the past and how it is likely to do so in the future. However, these results must be analyzed accurately so that the correct decisions are made for the future growth of the company. Using automated processes can help reduce, if not eliminate, these errors, and increasing your overall understanding of technology and data management can help you to be more strategic in your business growth plan.

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