What is The Best backlink Indexing Tool for Guest Posts?

Best backlink Indexing Tool for Guest Posts

Our quest for the best backlink indexing tool continues. Backlinks are still an integral and important part of SEO and play a critical if not decisive role in determining the SERP ranking of a website. You can have the best product, the best service in your local business area but unless your business or service shows up in the top pages of search engines, all of the efforts can be an expensive waste.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns and social media activity do get you the traffic. If executed correctly, they can get you the qualified buyers as well, but it is an expensive marketing strategy and you would find it hard to keep up. For startups, it is not a sustainable strategy. PPC campaigns can get ridiculously expensive. It depends on your keywords, your competitors and the geographic areas that you are targeting. Any of these variables can significantly increase the marketing cost to limits where it becomes a rat race for your sales teams. The extra strain in spending creates pressure on your sales teams and businesses find it challenging to break away from this vicious cycle.

In this perspective, SEO comes in as a savior. A proper, concentrated and well thought out SEO campaign, executed to perfection can get you the top spots in Search engines. Although this is a long-term effort and gets fruitful only in 5-6 months to say the least, once you have achieved the rankings, the organic traffic can work wonders for your business.

SEO is something that has changed, morphed and evolved so rapidly that you can not compare it to any other marketing technique. Just only 6 years ago, an average written article with a bunch of good quality links was considered sufficient to get your business in the top slots. This is in no way near to what SEO is today. Concurrent and successive Google Algorithm updates have made it an extremely challenging marketing technique, nonetheless, it is still as rewarding as it was a decade ago.

Search Engine Optimization can be categorised into two basic steps. The Onsite SEO & the Offsite SEO.

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Onsite SEO is all the work you do within a website. The content, the internal linking, the structure, your sales funnels, user experience and sitemaps that all falls within the Onsite SEO.

Offsite SEO is primarily link building & social media. You can ask any SEO and they would have two challenges in common:

1- How to build high quality backlinks?

2- How to get those links indexed by Google.

This brings us back to our question: What is The Best backlink Indexing Tool for Guest Posts?

This is something we have faced personally and went through a long list of available backlink indexing tools. Here is a quick overview of what we have tested so far:

  1. OneHourIndexing
  2. Indexification
  3. OnlyWire
  4. Colinkri

Let’s review each of these in detail now.

OneHourIndexing Backlink Indexing Tool

We bought a subscription to OneHourIndexing tool back in 2020 and used it for over 6 months. Before making the purchase, we did extensive research and went through numerous blogposts and reviews. Based on that, we decided to give it a shot. To begin with, we had high hopes and were optimistic that we have finally found the best backlink indexing tool for guest posts. However, as time went on and we kept persistent, disappointment overtook the enthusiasm.

OneHourIndexing is offered in 4 different packages:

  • Started package at $17.00/month
  • Basic package at $47.00/month
  • Pro at $97.00/month
  • Agency at $497/month

We started with the Basic Package and had planned to upgrade it to Pro plan if the results were good. On the first day, we added 20 links from some of the best publishing portals we had. We started the drip sequence and then patiently waited for the results. 2 days after the first campaign, we checked the links and the result was:

We were able to index 10-15% of the links but we were able to get the same percentage indexed without using any tool. So this came out as a disappointment. The next day, we tested again with a different set of links. Again waited for 2 days and found out more or less the same result. We continued using it for a whole month. In between, there were glimpses of success and some progress but overall, we had to relegate it to a secondary tool and after 4 months, we stopped using it altogether.

Indexification Backlink indexing tool

Indexification backlink indexing tool has a more transparent and simple mechanism. Here is how the process works:

It creates short URL’s of your links, pings them, creates & submits RSS feeds, create & pings sitemaps, and also creates & pins content pages with your links on them.

It would cost you $17.97 to process 50,000 links per day. We never got off to that volume. The two days results draw a similar picture as we had with OneHourIndexing. We would call it 20-25% effective. Our requirement was something that can get us 80-90% success ratio. So we moved on to the next.


Not exactly a backlink indexing tool, but it took some ingenuity and creativity from our end to make it work like one. Technically, OnlyWire is a social media autopilot service. It takes an RSS feed from any of your websites and shares the content on a long list of social media channels automatically and without human intervention. We already had a set of social media channels. So we integrated Facebook, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk and couple of others to it. The process was simple. We published an article, entered the URL to OnlyWire and it would then share the same content across all social media channels that were linked with it. Interestingly, we noticed that majority of the links were being indexing via Medium. It used to give a 60-70% success ratio and at one point we believed we have found the silver bullet and a definite answer to What is The Best backlink Indexing Tool for Guest Posts?

Our joy was short-lived just like the success of this tool. It worked really really well for over a month and then all of a sudden the success ratio dropped to 30% only. Nonetheless, it was one of the most effective tool for backlink indexing that we ever came across and would definitely tweak it a bit for better results. It remains a part of our solution so far.


Colinkri was purchased after the disappointment from OneHourIndexing and indexification. OnlyWire was serving us well but we needed something more powerful and robust. So we decided to give Colinkri a try. It was an expensive experiment. The tool was purchased at $49.00/month. It had great reviews and we had high hopes- again.

We submitted 22 links, waited for 3-4 days for the drip sequence to complete. The results were not even close to OneHourindexing. Not sure if we didn’t follow the correct procedure or what, but it proved to be an absolute waste. Not even 5% of the links got indexed. We still haven’t written it off completely and would try evaluating it.

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