How To Create a Digital Identity for Your Product

What is a product identity?

Just like how people hold identity and leave an impression when you first meet them, businesses and products possess identity and make an impression too when they are launched and introduced to the market. When customers see a product, a perception or an opinion form in their minds. These become a set of beliefs they hold about your product. For a product to be successful, it is essential to influence and control the way your target audience thinks about it. This is achieved by seeing your product through the customer’s eyes and point of view. What they think it stands for.

To navigate the audience’s perspective of your product, you must reflect on what attributes and conditions are associated with your product. Product image conveys product character to the consumer that sets it apart from other competitors in the market. Where a product stands with its competitors in the marketplace and the minds of consumers is known as positioning.

Every business needs a strong product image for business growth. People will not invest in a product they don’t know anything about or have a wrong perception of. Once you’ve gained the trust and confidence of the customer in your product, they will be willing to buy from you and choose you over the competition. It is vital to invest in good positioning to create a robust product image.

How To Create a Strong Product Image

Advertising and marketing agencies require background research and an understanding of the market to promote the product in the best way possible. To create a strong product identity, it is crucial to have a well-thought-out strategy. They need to be aware and experts in applying the following positioning strategies. You can also highlight the qualities that set your product apart from the competition. This helps you have an edge over them.

Describe Characteristics and Benefits of The Product

Customers should be educated about the qualities of the product – how durable and reliable it is for them. An effective way of doing this is through hashtags, taglines, and slogans. They help you describe how your product is better for consumers than competitors.

Price Of the Product

The quality of the product should match the price. Customers translate high prices as high quality. Lower-priced products will position for affordability.

Draw Celebrities

If famous personalities endorse or rave about your product, consumers begin to associate them with it. This will also increase your market reach as celebrities, and social media influencers have millions of followers.

Incorporating Symbols

When your product is associated with a cultural symbol, it reflects the same meaning the symbol already holds. Customers perceive it to have the same qualities, which results in positive positioning.

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