Top 3 Social Entrepreneurs to Learn From

Social entrepreneurs work for people by building businesses that meet their needs. They emphasize society first, and business follows in second. These companies are willing to take large risks because the work they do for society requires excellent outcomes. The company’s primary goal is to build a firm that earns profit through societal benefit.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of social entrepreneurs because, as the world becomes more troubled, they tend to cast a light via their companies. When the status quo is no longer adequate, these change-makers challenge it and show the world that companies are not just about earning money, but also about creating social value. As a consequence, these projects provide large-scale answers to both local and global issues.

Here are some social entrepreneurs who have been trying to improve society.

Laura Witting

Laura, the founder of Brightly, aims to transform the business world with her original notion of a usable fashion company. Her platform competes with Amazon by offering ethical beauty, fashion, and home goods products. Her previous work at Adobe, Google, and Amazon inspired her to launch a one-stop store for mindful shoppers seeking for sustainable apparel manufacturers. So her purpose is to collaborate with customers to advance conscientious consumerism.

Clarence Tan

His commercial activity is fascinating and distinct from others. He founded Boddle, an EdTech startup, after creating instructional games in college and wanting to broaden his reach. He offers eLearning to students in kindergarten through eighth grade, which assists both the teacher and the parent in learning about the children. Its automated program simplifies the effort of identifying each child’s USPs. Clarence’s activities have resulted in youngsters who are more motivated to study and increased levels of student involvement.

Valentin Luboya

Valentin Luboya is a real estate agent, author, and a businessman. He always aspired to serve others through his company strategy and to put societal needs ahead of his own. Growing up in Congo, he always liked assisting those in need, and as he grew older, he wanted to help those in financial need. Despite having been trained as a pilot, it appeared to be the only career in which he was interested.

He quickly began working in an online marketing agency, where he develops company plans and then assists clients in implementing them. Furthermore, he discovered Valentin Group Media, where he hopes to make a good effect in people’s lives. His business is a tremendous success since he has assisted numerous organizations in growing and hiring more workers, which is a win-win scenario for both. Luboya has also authored a book called ‘The Wealth 2021,’ which teaches businesses how to engage with social concerns while making a profit.

There are relatively few individuals left that care about the world and want to make a difference. This list features the top three people whose business methods benefit society. Thinking about society may assist your business since they will be there for you in times of need, just as you were for them.

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