How Lambert Houston brings star power to his every project

As a very famous saying, “Great Things Take Time”. They surely do. The collective moments when brought together, give life a purpose. But not all of us know the importance of moments. The world today has become obsessed with days, months, and years but, in the process, tends to ignore the little moments. We forget that important things are accomplished in those little moments. Where we are now and where we will be in the next moment are separated by a transparent boundary called time. Choosing the right thing at the right time will give the right results at the best time. This idea was adopted by Lambert Houston. He had this goal in his mind that the moment he was living in now would decide how he would live after a few years. Lambert, throughout the journey of his life, teaches us that taking a risk can reward you with great opportunity.


The More People You Know, the More You Are Known to People

Lambert was born in Austria but spent portions of his childhood in China. As a result, he has an international perspective. He was raised with traditional Asian and European values and ideals, which provided him with a great appreciation and insight into cultural differences. Soon after he had his degree from film school, Lambert started earning parts in movies and TV series, including performances that demonstrated great potential. Soon after, he became well-known for the enthusiastic approach he took to the table reads, and as a result, he received more recognition from producers. Producers knew they could rely on him to deliver top-notch performances on a consistent basis. Because he wanted to make his goals come true, he enrolled at some of the most prominent film schools in the world, such as Northwestern University, the New York Film Academy, and the Beijing Film Academy, where he was able to obtain the acting experience that he so desperately needed.


The Answer Sometimes Lies in the Question

Since he was a little boy, Lambert has had the intense ambition of pursuing a career in the performing arts. The parts that he has played in romantic comedies, such as the one he played in the TV series “Cupid’s Kitchen,” for which he is perhaps most known, have brought him the majority of his fame. Additionally, he has worked with a number of well-known producers and directors. Up to this point, he has appeared in a variety of films, including “The Ex-Files,” “Cairo Declaration,” and “In Harm’s Way.” Both “Air Strike” and “Priest,” in addition to “Hello, Mr. Billionaire,” which broke many box office records, were very successful.


The string of successful films that Lambert has appeared in has helped to propel him to the forefront of the entertainment business and set the stage for his rise. His body language alone can convey a great deal of emotion. He is so talented that he is able to bring life to every character he is playing, whether it is the lead or a supporting one. His work in everything from “The Resurrection Factor” to “Hello, Mr. Billionaire” and “In Harm’s Way” demonstrates that he is an actor of the highest caliber.