The Elden Ring contains information on the most productive farming locations for runes in Liurnia of the Lakes

The open-world design of Elden Ring makes it much simpler for players to take a break from Elden Ring’s legacy dungeons if they become stuck. This is just one of the many ways in which Elden Ring is more approachable than previous games developed by FromSoftware. There are times when the solution to defeating a boss is as easy as leveling up a few times. Given the scope of the game, there is no shame in wanting to find some quick and easy runes to upgrade your Elden Ring equipment when time is of the essence.

6. Suggestions for Maximizing the Number of Runes ObtainedThe Raya Lucaria Academy is a location that a significant portion of Liurnia of the Lakes must be traversed in order to reach, and this causes many players to become frustrated early on in the game. If players are looking to level up in order to bridge the difficulty gap, there are a lot of places to explore and farm runes right there in Liurnia, which is fortunate because there are a lot of runes to be found there.

By the time most players reach Liurnia of the Lakes, they are powerful enough (and skilled enough) to reach some of these out-of-the-way items in Elden Ring, which have the potential to increase the number of Elden Ring runes they obtain. Elden Ring contains several Elden Ring items with this potential. One example of this category of item is the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, a consumable that, when used, boosts the amount of runes acquired by a whopping 30% for a period of three minutes. The Gold Scarab Talisman provides a 20% boost to the amount of runes obtained, and the two can be equipped and used together to provide a total boost of 50% to the amount of runes obtained.

It is a good idea to be a part of a Multiplayer group of some kind because every time a member defeats a major boss or becomes Elden Lord, the entire group receives a 5% boost to the acquisition of Runes for a period of 5 minutes. This boost lasts for the entire duration of the fight. This effect almost never disappears completely in certain exceptionally large groups, such as the /r/EldenRing group, for instance. Be sure to have a Sacrificial Twig Talisman on hand or the Twiggy Cracked Tear equipped to your Wondrous Physick in order to keep the Runes that you acquire in Liurnia. This is only necessary if you know how to acquire the latter item without having to engage in combat with other players.

5. Toy soldiers made of marionettes and hot air balloons

The fact that the hot air balloons do not respawn means that this may not strictly qualify as farming, but there are a significant number of runes on the table, so it is important to take note of it nonetheless. During their travels through Liurnia, players may have spotted some hot air balloons off in the distance. Upon getting a better look at these balloons, they will notice that Marionette Soldiers have been attached to each one.


If you pop the balloons while the Marionettes are still attached to them, it will cause them to fall to their deaths (or at the very least cause them severe injuries). This will make it easier to deal with multiple Marionettes at the same time. In addition to the souls acquired from the Marionettes, the player will receive a Rune (6) for bursting each balloon. Runes are worth 2,000 runes each. At the very least five or so of these balloons can be found strewn about the region of Liunaria of the Lakes.

4. A Fight With Ghosts

Even though this method does not produce as many runes as some of the other choices, it is still important to be aware of it due to the fact that it is one of the least risky choices. It is not necessary for players to engage in combat in this area in order to acquire runes; all they have to do is approach the conflict while remaining on the sidelines, and then they can collect runes from defeated foes while watching the action unfold.

Players can speed up the process by riding Torrent toward the cave to spawn a ghost giant that will join the fight and quickly dispatch the majority of the foes. This can be accomplished by clicking the “Spawn Ghost Giant” button. A total of 1320 runes will be awarded to players once the giant has been vanquished; however, players should be warned that the giant is quick, powerful, and has a long reach; accordingly, it is strongly recommended that players engage the giant in some long-range combat while the giant is engaged in combat with other foes.

3. Giant Ants

The lift that leads to Ainsel River Well can be found in Liurnia, not far to the northeast of the Eastern Tabeland Site of Grace. However, it is possible that technically speaking it is not a part of Liurnia because it is part of the underworld below. Once you have descended all the way to the bottom of the lift, you will notice that there are a number of large ants crawling along the walls and ceiling of the area in the distance.

The ants are capable of dealing quite a bit of damage, particularly when they are congregated together, but fortunately, it is simple to eliminate them one at a time by removing them from the wall with a long-range attack. The route through the underground well is not particularly complicated; however, you must proceed cautiously and slowly in order to deny the enormous ants the opportunity to congregate.

2. Ceramicists

River of the AinselClaymen are a different kind of foe that can be found in the Well, and killing them can reward players with a respectable number of runes. Claymen are hardy and powerful, but they move at an extremely glacial pace due to their brittle nature. However, players should not relax their guard because the Claymen can quickly roll forward to close the gap if they get the chance.

Although each Clayman is only worth 113 runes, there are a significant number of them. The most effective tactic is to run through the mobs in order to provoke them and bring as many of them as possible rushing toward the player. Once they have grouped together, it is simple to defeat five or six of the Claymen at the same time by using sorcery such as Glintstone Arc, which enables attacks to travel through a number of foes at once.

1. Mohgwyn Palace, the Church of the Rose, and Varre

Even though the farming itself does not take place in Liurnia, the only way to access this method is by completing the White Mask questline, which can only be done in this region. Varre’s questline, to be precise. After having a conversation with him at the beginning of the game, you can find him once more in The Rose Church, which is located to the southwest of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. When you get here, as long as the requirements for the Two Fingers have been satisfied, he will ask your opinion; if you say that something didn’t feel right, he will reveal another option, which is to serve the Lord of Blood. He hands the player five Festering Bloody Fingers to use as a weapon against other Tarnished in order to prove their mettle as an invader.

However, before returning to Varre, players need only finish three of these Invasions for the quest to be considered successful. After that, he gives the player the task of saturating a rag in the blood of a Maiden. Proceed to the Four Belfries and make use of the Imbued Stonesword Key on the Belfry that is titled the precipice of anticipation there. The Pureblood Knight’s Medal can be obtained by using the portal, bringing the rag to this well-known spot to get it wet, and then returning for the third and final time. Using this item will teleport you to Mohgwyn Palace, the location of the renowned Albinauric farming spot, which can be reached after a brief journey through a winding canyon.