6 Tips to Help You Decide If Contacts Are For You


Contact lenses today are more capable of doing many functions than ever. If you are wondering if contact lenses are for you, here are six tips to help you decide:

Do You Have an Eye Condition?

The primary function of contact lenses is to provide corrective eyewear solutions. If you want to wear an eye lens because you feel you have eye problems, please seek an eye examination to evaluate the extent of your visual illness rate.


The eye exam will assist in determining the right prescription for your eye problem. An optometrist will guide you through the journey of using contact lenses and help you if you are ready to go down that road for beauty purposes or as corrective wear.


The eye doctor will state the advantages and disadvantages of using contact lenses, and it will influence which decision you make whether you will need contacts or not.

Your Current Lifestyle

The major pros of using contact lenses are the sense of normalcy they offer to the users. After inserting the lenses in your eyes, you can continue your normal daily activities without any difficulties.


Contact lens is an excellent choice for those with an active life. The lenses also follow the standard curve set by your eyes and thus giving a more significant visual field with no peripheral obstructions.


Contact lenses also come with the luxury of selecting the color you want and creating an opportunity for you to enjoy different eye colors.

The Maintenance Requirements For Contact Lenses

Different contact lenses are based on how frequently they need to be replaced. To avoid future eye problems, the replacement procedures for the replacement of the lenses should be followed religiously.


Contact lenses may offer many benefits, but they are not suitable for all individuals. Suppose you often have eye infections and eye discharges, it will be advisable to choose another mode of corrective wear for you. If you have severe eye allergies, dry eyes, or keratoconus, those are eye conditions that will require using other kinds of remedies.


Also, if you are constantly in dusty surroundings or work in a water-based area, it is best to use different eye options. After you get used to using contact lenses, you will find yourself going with them everywhere and even forget to take them off.


Be keen and avoid swimming, taking a shower, and sleeping with your contact lenses. These activities might cause eye infections which can later develop into eye problems.


Also, remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them before handling your contacts.

Do Not Use Your Glasses Prescription For Contact Lenses

It is not okay to use your glasses prescription when ordering your contact lenses. This is because the size of glasses and contact lenses are not similar.


Find the time and visit a certified and qualified optometrist and get the correct prescription for you. If you use the same medication for your glasses on your contact lenses, you will most likely go through vision complications in the future.

Comprehensively Understand The Types Of Contact Lenses

Your doctor will recommend the most suitable contact lenses for you according to your current lifestyle and personal liking. Types of contact lenses include daily disposable lenses, thirty-day lenses, colored lenses, and rigid gas permeable lenses.


  • A daily disposable lens: This lens should be disposed of at the end of the day after being used.
  • Thirty-day lenses: This lens can be worn for thirty days straight. However, after each use, you will need to use contact solutions to keep them squeaky clean and moisturized at the end of the day. Thus the next day, they will be ready for wear.
  • Colored lenses: This lens can be bought without power and for beauty reasons or containing power when compared to usage with the thirty-day lens.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses: This lens is made of a more complex material and can last for more than a year.

Wrapping Up

Having contact lenses will give you the thrill of selecting and having a different color of eyes you choose. In case you are wondering, contact lenses cannot possibly roll at the back of your eyes, don’t be afraid.


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