Dr. Howard Gitlow is Redefining Success in Business Through His Work

Six Sigma Master Black Belt holder, Dr. Howard Gitlow is a powerhouse of talent and success.He helps organizations in transforming their cultures from traditional management to a newer, more effective, and efficient style of management, called Deming-based Lean Six Sigma management. Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management synthesizes the meta theory of Dr. Deming (called the System of Profound Knowledge), the administrative systems of the Japanese way of total quality control, Six Sigma management, and lean manufacturing.

He has also written 16 books on process improvement and statistics.

What Does Deming-based Lean Six Sigma managementInvolve?

Dr. Gitlow has successfully worked on Deming-based lean Six Sigma theory and effectively delivered the idea so that firms may grasp and implement it to create a revolution in their operations.

  • The Macro Model:The Macro Model (dashboards) is a layered structure of mission statements, job descriptions, objectives, and measurements (indicators) that describe employees’ roles and responsibilities.
  • The Micro Model: In this phase, if a certain process (metric) is not producing the desired results as seen on the dashboard, the Micro Model establishes a team to study the problematic process and find a change concept to improve it.
  • The Management Model: The management model is based on W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge and 14 Points for Management. To have excellent data, you must have an organizational culture that does not punish you for giving poor outcomes. If employees fail to fulfill their MBO-mandated target, quota, or deadline, instead of being penalized by the performance assessment system and the rank and yank system, their superior would encourage them.

Dr. Howard Gitlow’s Biography

Dr. Gitlow has worked on this theory for four decades to make it as precise and adaptable as possible. He received his Ph.D. in Statistics from New York University in 1974, his MBA in 1972, and his BS in Statistics in 1969.

Dr. Gitlow wants to live a theoretical life dominated by the neo-cortex, rather than an emotional life dominated by the amygdala. Theory-based living, according to him, establishes a road toward his life’s objective, which is to “produce positive energy into the universe.”

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