10 Questions to Ask a Foundation Repair Contractor

Have you ever noticed cracks in your foundation or wondered if it was safe to walk on the ground? These are signs that there might be a problem with your foundation, and it is time for some professional help. Foundation repair experts can identify what kind of damage has occurred and work to fix, fill or reinforce the foundation so that it will no longer pose a hazard. Before you hire one of these professionals, here are 11 questions you should ask them:

1) What is the extent of the damage? Understanding the extent of the damage is equally essential for both homeowners and foundation repair contractors. When a foundation repair comes in for a site visit, make sure you ask them about the problem in detail. A good foundation repair contractor will explain the problem in detail while also making sure that you understand exactly what is going on.

2) How long does this type of project take? Understanding the extent of work and how long it will take is a crucial question to ask. If you want your foundation repaired quickly, then make sure that they can guarantee their work within a specific time frame. On the other hand, if you need some reinforcement for now with plans on doing more extensive repairs later down the line, be sure to ask them about those as well.

3) What types of repairs do you offer? There are many different types of repairs that a foundation repair contractor can perform. When you make an appointment, ask them about the various options and which ones may be right for your specific problem.

4) Do I need any permits before we start working on my house?

Foundation repair work can be challenging to get approved without the proper papers. So before you hire any foundation contractor, make sure that they can show proof of all necessary permits and licenses required for the project. If not, then finding another contractor may be your best bet since it could end up taking forever if you have to go through this process yourself. You should also ask about their insurance coverage to know how much liability is involved with hiring them and what kind of warranty comes along with their services. Finally, consider asking more specific questions like whether or not they specialize in a certain type of foundation system or have experience working in older homes because these factors will influence quality too!

5) How do you plan on fixing my foundation? The answer to this question will depend significantly on the extent of damage and the required type of repair. For small cracks or deteriorated mortar joints, a simple injection may be all that’s necessary. But if there are more significant structural issues occurring beneath your home, they will probably have to install some piers for these repairs to work correctly.

6) How much do your services cost? The average price for foundation repair varies greatly depending on the extent of work. Foundation piers can range anywhere from $300 to as high as $1000 each, while an entire wall replacement could cost upwards of $6000. When you meet with the contractor, make sure that you ask them about their prices and find out if they offer any special deals or discounts before you sign anything!

7) What type of warranty do you provide? If your foundation repair contractor can successfully fix the problem with your home’s foundations, they should also be willing to offer a warranty. That way, if anything happens again anytime within a certain period (usually around five years), then the contractor will come back and take care of it at no extra cost to you!

8) Do you have references I can call? It’s always a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends and family. But if they aren’t available or you’d prefer a more professional opinion, then asking your foundation repair contractor for some of their previous clients’ contact information is another way that may help ease any concerns about hiring them.

9) How long has your company been in the business? Another good question to ask is how long the foundation repair company has been in business. If they have a history of satisfied customers and many years of experience under their belt, then this may be the right choice for you! On the other hand, if it turns out that they’re relatively new or haven’t had much success with previous clients, then you might want to look elsewhere since quality can sometimes suffer from these types of contractors as well.

10) Who will take care of the cleanup once the job is done? You don’t want to end up with a pile of dirt and debris in your backyard that you have no idea what to do with once the contractor is finished. But if they offer their cleanup services, this could be an added expense for you down the road! So make sure to ask them beforehand since it’s not something everyone thinks about but can become quite problematic otherwise.

Even though these questions are essential when finding a reputable foundation repair company, all homeowners should research contractors before making an appointment. If possible, try finding online reviews written by past customers and checking out sites like Angie’s List, where members share their experiences with different companies. This will give you much better insight into exactly what you should expect when hiring a foundation repair contractor to fix your home’s foundations.