10 Reasons Your Property Management Software Is Not What It Could Be

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We have this blog showing you 10 reasons proving that your property management software is not what it could be. There are chances where your business might be using the property management software but at the same time, your employees might be spending their time for the same work. 

Unable to switch 

Being a business owner, you must be able to switch to the best property management software without much effort. Technology change with time and the best way to take advantage of the technology is by keeping your business ready to move on any property management system that can help the business for its best. 

Difficult to manage 

The property management software must be easy to use without the requirement of any explicit training or instructions from the vendor. Any hardware that had used the software before must be able to manage it and run with a fair amount of accuracy without requiring to be told what to do. 

Duplication of information

If the employees spend their time transferring the data and information manually from one system to another, then it can be said that it is high time to change the property management software. The manually transferring of data can be anything that is carried from one point to another manually such as log bookings, reservations, deletion or modification of records, visiting the third party channels, updating of availability and much more. 

Limited to single location or hardware

When a PMS is limited to a single hardware or a location as it can be accessed from any specific device, it is a sign of bad PMS. It may sound weird as we are no longer in the time of desktop fixations. Also, we have been gifted cloud-based systems by the technology to carry out anything in real-time from remote locations. Hence if the software is single place access, it must be changed. 

Minimal or zero integrations 

Regardless of the type of business, be it holiday resort, hotel or rental, every type need digital tools for which it is not possible to include all in single PMS. As a result, it is required to make integrations with third-party tools or software that can simplify the tasks. The technology allowing faster payments, biometrics, door locks, and protection from a security breach, communication channels and much more can improve the relationships and so on.

Minimal information of guests 

The major scope of PMS is to relate the entire staff with the guest or customer. Hence the software must store all the important data of guests and customers as well as display it whenever required. This might seem difficult but is possible with the latest PMS in the market. If your PMS is not capable of doing this, you better think about it. 

Inadequate vendor support 

Any PMS must run smoothly without any interruption and if any such problem is faced, the vendor must be able to provide real-time support and solution to the problem. If the vendor is not able to do so, it becomes necessary to think of getting a new PMS. 

Awaited guests 

It is heart whelming to watch your customers wait in long queues to get a particular service.

With the updating in technology, many changes have been brought and self-service options have been added for the customers to save their time and making them happy with your service. It is better to get such a facility in your software to avoid awaited guests. 

Not receiving promised benefits

The PMS when purchased includes a long list of benefits that might be provided by software in future. It must be cross-checked whether all such benefits are met or not. If the benefits are not achieved, it is better to move to a new PMS. 

Dependence on partners

It is true to have third-party integration’s by the PMS to work at its best but also it should not be fully dependent on the integration’s. The PMS mainly depend on the software vendor and hence if there is a problem with a vendor, the business platform remains unattended. 


These were 10 major reasons showing how the property management software can be checked and changed if does not meet requirements. It is not suggested to keep going on with the same old software as it does not provide many benefits. 
Jui Bhatia is a Software Analyst at Techimply, India. With the experience in technology driven field, she has mastered her knowledge on How(s) and What(s) to be done for a business. Also, she’s keen to share her knowledge on a few technology-related topics such as ERP, MRP, and Pharma ERP with readers that can assist any kind of business.