5 Best Programming Languages To Use For Android App Development

Android apps are the cornerstone of the mobile app industry. With the majority of Android device users, you cannot neglect the importance of getting Android apps developed for your business. Since its inception, the demand for Android apps has grown significantly. 

If you are looking to dive into the world of mobile apps, you will need to have an idea about the programming languages. For instance, if you hire dedicated Kotlin developers, they will provide you with the required guidance to perform well in the competitive landscape.

Don’t worry! We are not telling you to learn coding with the help of programming languages. You only need to have an idea of the language that is being used to develop your mobile app. 

To help you avoid critical mistakes we list the best programming languages for app development. Dive deep into them! 


Java is the official language used to program android apps. Apparently, it is also the most used language by Android app developers. Google highly supports this language and so, most of the apps available on the Play Store are built using Java. Additionally, the language is backed by a vast community and they are ready to help developers in need. 

For a beginner, the language can be complicated because of the use of complex topics such as concurrency, constructors, etc. Besides, Java is a great language for mobile app developers since they enjoy the development process. 


Kotlin has now become the official programming language for android app development. The same was declared by Google in 2019. This language can be used as an alternative to Java (Kotlin VS Java) and is a cross-platform programming language. Kotlin runs on the Java Virtual Machine and can easily interoperate with Java. 

One of the differences while using Kotlin is that it doesn’t require the use of a semicolon to end every line. Furthermore, it removes the superfluous features of Java, like null pointer exceptions. Hence, it is easy to learn for beginners, as compared to Java. 


Python is used for Android app development, though Android doesn’t support native Python development. The process is achieved by developers with the help of various tools available. These tools help developers convert the Python apps into Android packages which can therefore run on Android devices. 

Kivy is one of the best examples of this situation since it is an open-source Python library used to develop mobile apps. It encourages the rapid development of an app and supports the Android platform. Though, while using Kivy, developers will not be able to obtain the native benefits, since it is not natively supported. 


Dart is one of the newest programming languages introduced by Google to develop Android apps. The language is still emerging to cope with the emerging market, and its stable version was released in 2021. It is generally used to develop client-side applications. The language supports object-oriented programming. Furthermore, its syntax is also similar to that of the C-style. 

Having said that, the syntax of this programming language is relatively easy as compared to the other options. It helps developers to create some beautiful UI components. The Flutter framework is another reason behind the popularity of this programming language. 

Dart along with Flutter is the best combination and is used to develop numerous multi-platform applications. The Dart community is expanding every day and is also emerging in the market. Soon it can emerge as the best programming language for Android app development. 


C# is another very popular programming language used to develop Android apps. Its syntax is very similar to Java. Additionally, it offers the garbage collection feature which is similar to Java. When using C# for Android app development, there are fewer chances of memory leaks because it has a prominent garbage collection tool. 

Unfortunately, C# couldn’t make a stable position in the Android app development industry because of a lack of platform support. Initially, C# was only supported by the .NET framework system, such as Windows. Now, it supports the coding of Android app development as well.  

Kotlin Beats All! 

Kotlin, as stated earlier is now the official language announced by Google, to develop Android apps. Besides, being an official choice, the language is easy to learn and understand. If you are looking to get an Android app developed in 2022, hire a Kotlin developer. The codes written by a developer using Kotlin are pretty safe and concise. 

Because of the ease and simplicity offered by this programming language, it is used by most app developers these days. 

The Bottom Line

The choice of Android app programming language for your business depends on many factors. We have discussed some of the most preferred languages by developers these days. Though, Kotlin beats them all. You can either hire dedicated Kotlin developers for your project or can take guidance from industry experts. After all, the mobile app is the best way to give your business a digitally competitive edge. 


With overwhelming choices available in the market for Android app development, the task of picking one becomes daunting. To help our readers make an informed choice, we have listed the best android app development programming languages available these days. 

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