8 Benefits of Website Redesign

A website plays a vital role in improving the brand recognition and sales of a business. Therefore, you should pay attention to making it perfect so that its look impresses the viewer, and they can get the information they are seeking.

If you already have a website but not getting enough traffic and conversations, it’s time to redesign it.

Besides this, if your site has poor navigation, low site speed, useless features, and other such issues, you should think of a redesign. 

Moreover, some of the leading brands worldwide have redesigned their website because of these issues. You can view the best website redesign examples for your reference.

Hence, you must have understood the importance of a website redesign. Also, a redesigned website improves the user’s experience and creates a positive image in their minds.

It has several benefits for your business. Here are some of the common benefits of a redesigned website and its contribution to your brand promotion strategy.

1. Improved Brand Identity

A redesigned website enormously helps to improve the brand identity of your company.

A website is the primary identifier of your corporate face and represents your digital presence online. Therefore, it must look and function in a highly professional manner.

A redesigned website will not only portray your brand positively but will also be consistent with other brand promotion channels of your business.

A redesigned website would lay the foundation of aesthetics for your other channels.

A positive perception of your brand will lead to consumer trust.

A redesigned professional-looking website will provide clear messaging as well as a call to action for your visitors.

2. Improves SEO-Friendliness

Your website must be search engine friendly to improve its ranking.

In a redesigned website, having a robust link structure supported by easy navigation will help in aligning your site architecture with your SEO strategy.

The redesigned website will give you the chance to use the latest and highly advanced content management system to optimize your website for search engines.

3. Responsive for all Screens

One of the biggest reasons businesses are redesigning their website is to make them compatible with mobile screens.

People nowadays use mobile phones to access the Internet, which has made it imperative for businesses to reach out to this vast audience to market their products.

If your website is not responsive, you are losing out on business.

Your responsive redesigned website offers greater flexibility and accessibility to different screen resolutions.

It will help you to connect with users who are using different platforms.

It will help you create a unified look across the devices. Google is also prioritizing websites optimized for mobile screens for ranking purposes.

A redesigned website that is responsive will help it in a big way to reach out to a larger audience.

4. Improve Functionalities and Content Management

High-quality content is one of the chief reasons for improving sales figures and conversion rates.

It also helps in improving the ranking, thereby improving your brand recognition.

Redesigning your website from scratch will help you focus your attention on a more intelligent content strategy.

A redesigned website offers greater functionality for both the front-end and back-end.

When you upgrade your CMS, it will fix any security vulnerabilities of the website and enhance the performance.

A powerful CMS in your redesigned website and your complete control over it will reduce the time you have to spend on day-to-day updates and support.

It will in turn reduce your monthly running costs and improve the lead-time regarding uploading blog posts or campaign pages.

5. Improves the User Experience

A redesigned website checks all the boxes for a beautiful user experience. It further increases the loyalty of the viewers.

A website with modern technology, CMS, and framework will significantly improve the UX.

For example, visitors earlier have to create an account and log in to purchase from your online retail store.

However, incorporating the latest technology will ensure that they can directly log in through their social media account.

You will find such features improve the user experience and directly lead to increased conversion rates.

6. Increase Sales

Your redesigned website will optimize your sales funnel and make them align with your overall digital marketing strategy.

It will help you fix those areas where you find the customers leave the website because of issues like complicated forms, too many clicks, a complicated checkout system, etc.

When you resolve these issues, your redesigned website would lead to increased sales and conversion rates.

7. Improve Flexibility

When you redesign your website using a CMS or build it from scratch, you have more control over different things in the website.

Besides this, you have an opportunity to utilize the best-in-class technologies and tools while redesigning your website. By this, your website will offer a top-notch experience to the end-users.

8. Get More Sales & Leads

When you redesign your website, you will implement all the latest techniques and features that help you enhance the conversion rate.

Your ultimate purpose through the website is to convert visitors into recurring customers. To improve conversions on the website, you can implement different things like collecting personal details, offering a free email subscription, and more.

Besides this, you should create a sales funnel following which you can easily convert your visitors into customers.


If you are hesitant to redesign your website because it may be expensive, you make a cost-benefit analysis of the advantages you will get from a redesigned website.

You will find that the benefit outweighs the cost by a big margin in the long run. By redesigning your website, you provide an excellent user experience to the audience and expand your business. Hence, you should redesign your website as soon as possible. 

If you have decided to redesign your website, you can go for the best website design company. They have years of experience in website redesign. Hence, they will redesign your website as per your business requirement.

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