Importance of team collaboration at workplace


Remote working is the new normal and with the advent of modern technology, it has become easy and mandatory for businesses across the globe to use team collaboration platforms to connect and be productive. Though remote work comes with its benefits, one of the main concerns for decision-makers out there is building and sustaining the connection between teams without hampering the overall productivity. Hence, effective team collaborations platforms are the need of the hour.

Here are a few stats stating the importance of using a team collaboration software:

  • According to Mckinsey, 97% of employees believe that the lack of good team collaboration
  • According to xbsoftware, 83% of employees collaborate better with the help of a team collaboration software system.
  • According to the Economist, 33% of employees say better team collaboration makes them loyal.
  • According to Gallup, connected and collaborative teams are 21% more profitable than siloed teams.

One such interesting, economic and easy-to-use team collaboration platform is Workspaces by Zapoj. This software offers many features to enhance productivity, especially for remote working teams. Here are the features that Workspaces provides on a single platform: (this avoids the fuss of switching & using multiple apps to get your work done)

  • Teams
    • Messaging – To have smart conversations amongst your team members in real-time.
    • Shared Drive – To easily manage and share team content.
    • Conference Rooms (Audio/Video) – To virtually communicate. Screen sharing, Idea capturing and have one-to-one/many conversations.
    • Shared Calendar – To track tasks, events, and work shifts.
    • Project Management – To Kanban and Scrum.
    • Access Controls – To monitor and moderate who can or cannot share files.
  • Channels
  • Announcement – To reach all your employees with a single tap.
    • Public – To have fun and exciting conversations (All work and no fun isn’t a good team culture).
    • Private – To have cross-team/one-on-one confidential communication or searches.
  • Members
  • Direct Messages – To directly inform your colleagues. (You can search for and pin important messages)
    • Personal Drive – To give you your space to grow.
    • Team Calendar – To be mindful of tasks and events across the team.
    • Calls – To listen to what your colleagues are saying and wanting from you. Search for or pin important messages.
    • Instant Groups Creation – To collaborate better.
  • Security
  • Multi-Authentication – To provide users with additional forms of verification and help protect their accounts from attacks.
    • Role-based Access – (at a granular level)
    • Data Encryption – All your data is encrypted using Secure Real-TimeTransport Protocol (SRTP).
  • Devices Available on
  • Web App
    • Mobile App
    • Desktop App

Thus, team collaboration platforms like Zapoj’s Workspaces not just help connect but be productive.