10 Important Things for Creating a Successful Mobile App in 2022

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In today’s mobile-driven world, businesses look for the best strategies to create a successful mobile app. As per Statitsa, there are more than 3 billion smartphone users in the world. So when you plan to develop a mobile app for your business, undoubtedly, you have a huge scope for success. 

But is it really easy doing so? If you research the market, there are over 3.48 million apps on Google Play Store. And the majority of apps struggle a lot to gain users. Some of them can’t generate sufficient ROI. 

Hence, things are not easy. Being a developer I know where businesses make mistakes while developing an app. Therefore, I have come up with a solution. Here, I will tell you 10 important things that will help you create a successful mobile app in 2022. 

1. Discover a Great Problem-Solving App Idea

Mobile app is a digital product that provides many benefits. People use mobile apps for online shopping, making digital payments, exploring news, booking cabs, and much more. 

So, when you are thinking of developing a successful mobile app. You need to think about why people will ultimately use your mobile application. You need to conduct in-depth research to find out a great mobile app concept that solves user problems. 

You should brainstorm and dig deep to find out how your app will help the target audience in their requirements. For better outcomes, try to collaborate with the best mobile app development company

2. Create Buyer Personas of The Target Audience

Once you have come up with a brainstorming mobile app idea. It’s time to know who your target audience is. Many app founders usually take this step not very seriously. They sometimes miss to include key issues of their target users in their mobile app functionality. As a result, their mobile app failed to provide complete customer satisfaction and struggled to generate good ROI. 

Therefore, you should take this step very seriously. At my company, we do not just research on defining the target audience but also create buyer personas. These buyer personas give you a clear picture of whom you need to target exactly. What are their key problems? And what factors to include in your mobile app development requirements that meet customer expectations. 

3. Make a User-Friendly UI/UX Design

UI/UX is the face of your mobile app. If it behaves well, users will feel inspired to use it continuously. UI/UX design gives your app a proper flow and architecture. It plays an influential role in making your mobile app successful. 

If you pay attention to the most popular apps. Their mobile app design has played a significant role in gaining millions of users as well as retaining them. 

Hence, if you want to ensure your app gets succeeded, focus on making a compelling UI/UX design that engages users. Your design should be user-friendly, simple looking, and responsive that perform consistently on all OS platforms. 

4. Choose the Suitable Mobile App Development Approach

It is critical to choose the right approach to mobile app development. From backend to front end and design to development, every stage of mobile app development involves a certain methodology. 

You have to first choose what type of mobile app you want to build. Is it native app or a cross-platform app? And then accordingly, you need to choose the tech stack as. 

If you want to build the app for a particular OS platform, then go with the native app development approach. And if you want to build the app for all OS platforms with a single codebase, then go cross-platform.

But the most important point to note is whatever approach you choose for mobile app development. You need to make sure the app performs well and doesn’t meet any technical failure like app crash or poor performance. 

5. Develop a Good Prototype

A prototype is the minimalistic version of your mobile app that contains basic functionality. It gives you an overview of your app. Having a prototype helps you test and analyze your app before the development starts. You can check what are the pitfalls and loopholes in your mobile application by launching it to the real users. 

You can take their feedback and make suitable changes as per their suggestions. While creating a prototype, you should include all the essential elements in the app. It will give a clear picture and assist your mobile app development company in better understanding your app needs. In this way, you can save your app from potential errors. 

6. Integrate the Suitable Analytics Tool

Mobile app analytics is the data treasure. It gives you the keys to unlock the secrets to your app’s success. The app analytics gives you comprehensive information about your app performance. For example, how many users visited your app and what features or services they used the most. 

This information gives you a reliable and realistic idea of your app performance. Therefore, you should integrate an appropriate analytics tool that provides real-time data about the app and user behavior. Below are the popular mobile app analytics tools  that you can consider integrating into your app

  1. Amplitude Analytics
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Localytics
  4. Mixpanel
  5. Firebase
  6. Adobe Analytics
  7. AppsFlyer

7. Develop the App with an expert Mobile App Development Company

No matter how great a mobile app concept you have. Until it gets real shape and an effective working model, it only looks better on paper. So, to create successful mobile app, you need expert assistance. You need to collaborate with the top mobile app development company that can assist you to turn your app concept into a fully-fledged mobile application. 

Yes, you can also hire freelance or remote developers. But a mobile app development company is an established place. They keep certified developers and use an up-to-date tech stack for developing all types of mobile app solutions. 

They have a large team of mobile app development consisting of dedicated UI/UX designers, project managers, Quality Analysts, Software engineers, developers, and business analysts. Hence, with all these proven resources, you can create successful mobile app. 


8. Launch Beta Version of the App

Don’t launch the final version of your mobile app after the development completion. First, you should test your mobile app among real audiences. You should prepare for launching the beta version of your mobile app to collect real-time feedback and review from users. 

It will give your reliable data about the performance of the app. You will know how much the app satisfies user expectations and where it lacks. Hence, through this data, you can make appropriate changes to your app and develop the final version. 


9. Preparate a Pre-launch App Marketing Strategy

You might think app marketing starts after the development process. But sorry to say, this is a big misconception. If you want to create successful mobile app, then you have to plan app marketing strategy before the official launch. 

This pre-launch marketing will create awareness among users and they will know a new mobile app is about to come on the market. Some digital marketers suggest app promotion should be done well before the development and launch. It sets a curiosity and a sense of urgency in users. 


10. Upgrade Your App with Trending Features

Don’t sit relaxed after launching the app. In fact, the real task starts just after it. You need to constantly monitor your app performance. You have to keep a watch on market trends to timely update your app with training features. 

It is important because modern users are impatient and fastidious. They want everything up-to-date and smoother. Therefore, to ensure your app achieves full success, you need to consistently upgrade your app as per user demands. 


Developing a mobile app that brings you success isn’t rocket science. Simply pay attention to how top branded mobile apps have succeeded. They provide an effective solution to ongoing consumer problems. And they keep updating their app with modern features. So, by ensuring the above-mentioned things you can easily create a successful mobile app. 


About the Author

Erma Winter is an Android app developer at MobileCoderz which is a reputed Android application development company. She has been creating Android apps for the last 5 years. She has great excellence in coding and Android development. Besides this, She likes to share her thoughts on trending topics and listen to podcasts.