Why You Should Plan For Regular App Maintenance

There is a common misconception surrounding mobile apps that once the developer creates and launches the app, their job is done. But if you think about it, you want more audience engagement on the platform. Also, the operating system might release a new version. That would call for an app upgrade at your end. As such, mobile app maintenance services are important.

Maintenance is crucial for the seamless operation of the mobile app you have developed. You don’t want performance issues with your app and try your level best to provide the best possible user experience. Do you know users uninstall 52% of apps within three months only because they are not maintained properly?

So here are a few reasons why, after utilizing custom mobile app development services.

you should plan for app maintenance on a regular basis.

Get the Latest Version of the Operating System

You already know how Apple and Android keep updating their operating systems regularly owing to technological advancements. If your app does not support these updated versions, they can no longer operate. Normally, these updates occur once a year, and you need to make sure your app supports the new OS version.

Hence, once the beta version is available, you should provide the users with a proactive survey. The development team also needs to discuss the changes that are to be incorporated into the application.

Users don’t like it when an app does not support a new OS version and as such, it is a good idea to maintain your app if you don’t want to lose them.

Long Term Financial Benefits

When a company receives a contract to develop an app, it tries to launch the product in the market to the best of its abilities, keeping in mind all the requirements and deadlines.

But it is virtually impossible to deliver an app that is free from all flaws.

A maintenance plan is important as it helps you save on the initial expenditure cost. In other words, you will be launching timely updates on your app and not include any unnecessary features. According to a survey, in regards to ROI from mobile apps, the performance of 21% of firms has been unsatisfactory.

If you can implement the maintenance plan in a proper manner, you can save a lot of money in the long term, in addition to the initial savings. When you monitor your app in a proactive way, it improves its robustness and leads to less number of technical issues.

Improvement in Software Libraries

Every professional in the app development industry must be familiar with the importance of the software library. A software library consists of routines, configurations, and pre written codes.

App developers must improve and update these codes on a regular basis, otherwise there may be some problems with your application. However, you should keep in mind that not all apps have software libraries, but if you have one, you must keep it updated.

Updated User Interface

A mobile application is a dynamic platform. As such, the UI of a mobile app should stay updated at all times. The same UI elements that looked trendy a few years ago might not have any value presently. Thus you should maintain your app to give it a more sophisticated look. Mobile phone manufacturers launch new models all the time and not all of them are the same size. Your UI should be such that it adapts to the phone size.

Enhanced User Experience

It is a well-established fact that no app is perfect and it takes a substantial amount of time to develop one that provides a great user experience.

So enhancing the user experience for the app is a never ending process, as far as app owners and developers are concerned.

Many users provide feedback about app performance, and app developers must do the mobile app maintenance on a regular basis in order to improve the user experience.
When you maintain your app regularly, it generates more traffic and leads to users giving it higher ratings. Thus you can rise to the top and get more downloads this way.

Make Technical Changes

Mobile technology is a rapidly evolving sector and every now and then mobile apps undergo technical changes. These changes may involve new technology, platforms, and programming language.

By opting for regular app maintenance, you not only upgrade the technical aspects of your app but also make sure you are meeting the demands of users for a secure and stable platform.

Because of the growing number of cyber threats these days, app security has become an essential part of mobile applications. From a technical standpoint, maintenance is important to keep the app free from errors.

Continuous Improvement and Upgradation 

When it comes to mobile apps, what most people want from them are useful processes and attractive visuals that can improve their lives for the better. It is extremely important that you keep in mind both of these aspects, as they need to be improved on a regular basis.

Users may get tired with the visuals in your app if you don’t perform regular upgrades.

Many people may grow tired of your app owing to the lack of new features. Hence, they might start looking for other options and might even make a switch, uninstalling your app in the process.

Therefore, it is vital that you perform regular updates on your mobile app to include new exciting features and enhanced visuals.

This will help you retain your existing customers, as well as attract new ones. 

Mobile app maintenance services are especially useful when you don’t have the required resources to perform the maintenance work. An external mobile app development and maintenance partner can help you in this regard. Through app monitoring, you can take care of the four aspects of maintenance work namely corrective, adaptive, perfective, and emergency. 

If you want a good maintenance solution for your mobile app, you can get in touch with Fingent.
Their consultants help you come up with a viable maintenance strategy that improves the outcome of your business and leads to more revenue generation.

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