7 Gemstones That Will Change Your Life


The significance of different gems has been referenced in gems astrology. Every zodiac sign has an assigned gem and attached by some planet. As per Vedic astrology, if a planet is not strong in your horoscope, and you are not getting good outcomes, at that point you should wear gemstone identified with that planet. This will solve your problems gradually.

Surely, buying a gemstone from Khannagems and wearing it is an exact astrological benefit as indicated by zodiac sign or planet. So, before wearing, you ought to contact a great astrologer so as to scale back malefic impacts. The following are 7 gemstones referenced: –

  1. Ruby

Advantages: Many advantages have been given in Gemstones Astrology for wearing Manikya Ratna or ruby gemstone. A man wearing ruby achieves success in the professional field.

The person gets name and fame with the impact of this crystal and leads the public or society. There are numerous advantages to Manikya/Ruby from a health perspective. It eliminates the individual’s eye issues and physical problems.

Strategy for Wearing: According to diamond astrology, the ruby ought to be worn in a gold ring on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday. Ruby ought to be filtered with Gangajal before wearing.

Remember that it must touch your skin. One should wear 5 carats of Manikya at least. If conceivable, you should wear 2 carats of Ruby.

  • Pearl

Advantages: According to Gems Astrology, the marital lifestyle of people who wear the pearl stone stays happy. Wearing a pearl makes pure an individual’s mind.

It likewise assists with eliminating numerous diseases of the body. The famous astrologers accept that the individual wearing pearl doesn’t get any urinary and blood-related issues. In spite of the fact that pearl ought not to be worn without astrological discussion.

Strategy for Wearing: Proper guidelines and steps must be followed while wearing this stone. The pearl ought to be worn in a silver ring in Shukla Paksha on Monday.

According to the guidance of an astrologer, you can wear a 5-carat pearl or 3-carat pearl.

  • Coral

Advantages: Any individual wearing coral has his/her courage level high. She or He stays happy and energetic towards her/his objective all through her/his life.

That is the reason a person gets success in his activities. As indicated by astrology, any individual who wears coral will be honored by the planet Mars. An individual wearing coral doesn’t get skin and blood-related issues. It maintains the temperature of our body normal.

Strategy for Wearing: Coral ought to be worn by the proper technique. It is promising to wear it in a gold ring. The coral ring ought to be worn on the ring finger.

You can wear 3 carats of coral or 5 Ratti of coral according to the astrological discussion from Khannagems.

  • Emerald

Advantages: Wearing emerald improves the luck and impact of the wearer on the society or the public. The individual wearing Emerald additionally advances in the business.

A person gets success in the educational field too. If a pregnant woman wears Emerald, her delivery will be protected. As indicated by Vedic astrology, the genuine emerald assumes a successful part in getting promising outcomes identified with the planet “Mercury”. If your Mercury planet is not strong, at that point you can wear this pearl.

Strategy for Wearing: The technique for wearing emerald among the gemstones has been depicted and as indicated by that we should wear it must be followed.

Panna ought to be worn in a gold or silver ring. You can refine this gemstone with Ganga water and wear it in any Shukla paksha of the month on Wednesday after sunrise. You can wear a 7-carat emerald, 5-carat emerald, or 2-carat emerald by counseling of an astrologer.

  • Yellow Sapphire

Advantages: If Jupiter in your horoscope is not strong enough then you should wear this Gemstone. This stone gives huge success in the field of education.

If there is an issue in one’s marriage or problems with pregnancy, it can be cured by wearing Yellow Sapphire. With the impact of this pearl, the person gets enough advantages in the health and financial division.

The technique for Wearing: Yellow sapphire ought to be worn in gold or silver ring in the Shukla paksha after sunrise on Thursday after the astrological interview.

You can wear 2 carats of yellow sapphire, 7 carats of yellow sapphire, 5 carats of yellow sapphire, or 3 carats of yellow sapphire.

  • White Topaz

Advantages: In the gemstone astrology, White Topaz is said to have the characteristics, for example, physical happiness, art, and love. Its impact prompts material flourishing, achievement in artistic work, and happiness in marriage and love relations. If you are associated with the fashion industry, singing, and other artistic ventures, this jewel is extremely gainful for you. White topaz is additionally helpful regarding health.

It is likewise viewed as useful for the urinary system and reproductive capacity regarding treatment.

Strategy for Wearing: White topaz ought to be worn in a silver, gold, or Panchdhatu ring on Friday night in the Shukla paksha. In any case, you have to initially accept the guidance of an astrologer before wearing this. You can wear 7-carat topaz or 5-carat topaz. Aside from this, American Diamond is likewise a decent decision.

  • Blue Sapphire

Advantages: Wearing Sapphire is an exceptionally powerful and exact cure during Saturn’s Sade Sati and Saturn Dhaiya. If Saturn is lifted up in the horoscope of an individual and a person is wearing Blue Sapphire, positive outcomes are acquired. With the impact of Sapphire, poverty is wiped out from the life of an individual and health improves.

The individual gains the life span and his destiny additionally improve.

Strategy for Wearing: You ought to counsel from an astrologer while wearing blue sapphire. This gemstone in a silver ring ought to be worn in the middle finger after sunset on Saturday. Prior to holding the jewel, you should recite the Shani mantra up to multiple times.

You can wear 3-carat blue sapphires, 2-carat blue sapphires, 7-carat blue sapphires, or 5-carat blue sapphires as indicated by your suitability.

You might be starting to imagine that these gems are really exceptional, and you’re correct. What’s here in this article is only the external layer, yet there is such a great amount of depth to the historical information of the gems.