7 Simple Upgrades for Your Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most interesting spaces in a home. It is where food is prepared to be served to family, friends, and neighbors. The kitchen is also where most learn their first adventure in cooking.

Creating a haven out of your kitchen need not be expensive. These seven simple upgrades prove that you don’t need to break the bank to make your kitchen a bright and inviting place.

Paint Your Cupboards

Add more life to your kitchen by painting your cupboards. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple create a calming ambiance, while bright, loud colors like orange, yellow, and red induce happy vibes. If you want something more minimalistic, paint your cupboard with subdued neutrals and add pops by outlining it with darker neutrals. Paint the handles or knobs to make a small but bold statement against the whites and creams of your cabinets.

Change Handles and Knobs

If repainting the handles and knobs of your cupboards and drawers is not enough, replace them with new ones. Choose from various designs to make your cabinetry more visually appealing. Some handles and knobs are gold-plated, marble-looking, wooden, and made of rope. You’ll find the right ones to fit your kitchen aesthetic.

Add Vertical Storage

For compact kitchen spaces in condominiums like Grass Residences, use your walls to store cooking utensils, coffee mugs, and pans. Install floating shelves to keep ceramicware, pots, and pans. Put hooks on your walls to hold mugs and cups. Add hanging racks to keep condiments, sauces, and other ingredients organized.

Utilizing your wall as vertical storage keeps your kitchen countertop clean and tidy. Doing so also keeps your cupboards from overcrowding and saves you the hassle of putting things down to reach what’s behind.

Install Lighting Under Your Cabinets

Working in a dim kitchen may be hazardous as you might knock things over or add the wrong ingredients to what you are cooking. Adding lighting under your cupboards makes your kitchen countertop brighter and more comfortable to work on. You don’t want to add unusual ingredients to your soup or break your condiments because your kitchen is too dark.

Install lighting under your kitchen cabinets so you can easily find what you are looking for. Save yourself the hassle of having to feel every item under the kitchen sink before getting what you need.

Hang Artwork

Small paintings, hand-painted china, and big cutlery are ideal decorations for your kitchen wall. While the kitchen isn’t the usual place to display artwork, mounting a few artistic pieces creates a view for visitors to look at whenever they step into the kitchen. Still-life paintings of food and drawings of cafes or restaurants are suitable for any kitchen aesthetic.

Add Potted Plants

Indoor plants give life to your home. Create a refreshing kitchen by adding potted herbs on the countertop. You’ll have your favorite spices on hand to flavor and garnish your culinary creations. Place succulents on your windowsill to add bits of nature in such a busy place. Get rid of foul kitchen odors by placing plants that cleanse the air and absorb bad smells.

Clear Counter Space

Make more room in your countertop by relocating some items on the wall or under the counter. For example, store your knives in your drawers or through magnetic racks that hold them in place. A pegboard is ideal for keeping cooking utensils, mugs, and cups vertically. Pull-down racks are a cutting-edge solution to storing all plates, bowls, pots, cutlery, and ingredients. Having a clean and tidy countertop makes preparing food more efficient and organized.

Upgrading your kitchen to a cooking paradise doesn’t have to be expensive. Assessing which colors look stunning and organizing and maximizing space creates a kitchen even professional cooks will envy.