Clorox CEO: We Ship Close to 1 Million Packages of Wipes Daily

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The president of Clorox said Monday that the company is shipping nearly 1 million packages of wipes daily amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Linda Rendle, Clorox’s CEO-elect, said the company is manufacturing record numbers of products after demand spiked following the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since January, we’re able to make 100 million more disinfecting products than we did before. That’s a 50 percent increase,” Rendle said. “And specific to wipes we’re making nearly 1 million packages of wipes every single day and shipping them to stores.”

Rendle said Clorox thanks “everybody for their patience” while stores attempt to refill stock in the company’s wipes. She added that the shortage of Clorox (CLX) wipes will spill into 2021.

“Given the fact that cold and flu sits in the middle of the year, and then we expect the pandemic to be with us for the entirety of the year, it will take the full year to get up to the supply levels that we need to be at,” Rendle said.

In a May interview with NBC, Rendle reported that the company has seen a 500% increase in demand since the pandemic hit.Related Stories:

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