Evan Dombroski Underlines The Traits of a Good Nature Photographer


There numerous wonderful things to admire in nature and learn from it. Words often fall short to truly describe the beauty of nature, and hence people often try to do so through photography. Evan Dombroski says that nature photography tends to be among the most challenging, yet exciting forms of photography. Taking photographs of nature is like telling the story of Mother Nature, while soaking its unparalleled charm and beauty. Evan himself has been engaged with nature photography for quite some time, and hence is well-acquainted with this practice and the experience it provides.

Everyone loves to put up great shots of landscapes, wildlife, natural resources, and plant life at their house or workplace. Evan Dombroski however, mentions that to capture the glory and beauty of nature perfectly, one needs certain vital qualities and traits. Evan is a New York-based nature photographer. Through his photographs of wildlife, landscapes, and urban gardens, he aims at presenting an uncommon perspective of the surrounding that would truly intrigue the viewers, and provide them with a renewed appreciation for the world they live in. His experience in the domain of photography has provided Evan with a specialized insight about it, making him a good candidate to talk about the vital qualities of nature photographers.

Here are some of the important qualities of good nature photographers mentioned by Evan Dombroski:

  • Creative and imaginative: Photography is a form of art, and hence it requires a level of creativity and imagination. A good nature photographer must be able to look at something ordinary in the nature and find several ways to interpret it with the help of beautiful and meaningful photos. Careful composition and creativity are the key to producing good photographs.
  • An eye for detail: For a photographer to be good in their craft, it is vital for them to have a good eye for detail. They must try their best to make sure that all the elements within a photograph, such as its lighting, composition, and subject, are able to work together harmoniously, and conveys the right vision or message. Even the smallest detail can either make or break a photograph. Hence, to capture the perfect photo, it is vital to be meticulous when scrutinizing all the elements of the frame to ensure cohesiveness.
  • Patience and flexibility: No matter how much the photographers try, they cannot control each and every variable in regards to nature photography. Birds might fly off, heavy winds can cause tree branches to sway, or the sunlight can be too harsh; there are many instances where the things might not go as per the desire of a photographer when capturing nature. However, they must not be disheartened or dissuaded by such factors, and be flexible and patient in their approach.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, nature photographers must also have a certain level of technical knowledge, especially related to photography equipment and photo editing software.