How Much are Gemstone Jewelry Worth?

The worth of any Gemstone Jewelry or any other accessory can be evaluated and judged on multiple parameters. It depends on the person which parameter to use for judgment. One can be emotionally connected to the crystal leading to the judgment based on emotionality for its worth. 

Another person might determine its worth on financial aspect and the price associated with the crystal jewelry. Some opinions may be based on the healing and huge changes the gemstone brings in the life of the wearer and accordingly calculate its worth. So, it’s quite subjective in nature when we say the word worth what another person is comprehending and looking at. 

But let’s discuss these various parameters in detail and we are going to leave it to you whatever way you choose for yourself. 

The Financial Worth 

Gemstone Jewelry studded with rare crystals like Larimar that is available in limited quantity is quite valuable and people cherish its rarity and oceanic beauty will full endurance. Gemstones might be considered as semi-precious stones but there are certain high-quality crystals like deep-hued Garnet that can cost you a fortune and even a price higher than diamonds. Yes, you heard it right!  

Generally, the financial aspect just like any other industry depends on the supply and demand factor in Gemstones and Jewellery industry as well. The rare the stone, and lesser the quantity, the higher will be its value. 

Various other facts that impact financial aspect includes – 

Color – The reason for high adornment of these gems is mainly because of their color and their impact on us. Deep rich colors are generally highly famed among crystals and are neatly priced.

Cut – The cut of a crystal contributes to the actual essence of the beauty of these gems. The perfect cut allows maximum light to refract from its surface which enhances its overall appearance making it highly lustrous. 

Clarity – The clarity parameter is quite unique when it comes to Gemstone jewelry. As these crystals are formed naturally while facing most intense conditions they are filled with various imperfections. For Example, when you look through the Real Moldavite Gemstone you will see little bubbles inside its surface which is an actual mark of its authenticity.  

Size – Many stones are for their sizes and in the current trend of bold accessories, fashion enthusiasts love the gems that come in cocktail-size just like Turquoise and can bring the statement appeal to the table. 

The Emotional Aspect

Coming on to the emotional touch that relates to our favorite Authentic Crystal Jewelry is another base that can be taken while calculating the worth of the stone. One might feel connected to the crystal and hold lots of memories, or it could be a gift that holds lots of significance. One might have a piece of jewelry like Opal ring or any other precious gem that is given either from their grandmother or ancestors and can be priceless to them. 

Thus, it totally depends on the emotions we carry with our accessories that can make them priceless.

The Spiritual Gain 

The healings that our favourite gems provide is priceless and is a measure that must be included while assessing their worth. People add accessories like Moonstone ring to experience the powers associated with also known as Moon Magic and is often compared with the Moon because of its appearance. 

One cannot think about the price of the benefits they bring into our personal life while connecting with us. Thus, the spiritual gain, mental peace, and tranquillity can act as check blocks to tick when we are calculating the worth of our jewelry


Whatever parameter or aspect you choose to evaluate the worth of your Gemstone Jewelry, always know that they all are special and will only bring a feeling of calmness and joy into your lives. Thus, choose a jewelry that makes you feel a lot like you both inside out.