Importance of Derma Rollers For Beard Growth

Derma Rollers

The importance of a beard only one knows who actually wants to grow their beard and is unable to do so. There are many options available online both organic and scientific claiming to grow your beard in a short span of time.

One of the methods available is using derma rollers for a beard which is mostly practiced by the men struggling to grow their beard over time. There are many videos on YouTube showing the positive reviews of the beard roller over the time. The crucial thing is using the roller in the right way and method.

The concept of the Beard Roller is based on Microneedling which is very popular and having positive results.

How Derma Rollers Grow Your Beard

Derma Rollers generally help to improve the blood flow around the area where you are rolling the roller and ultimately help to improve the hair growth. Another fact is it helps to produce the collagen which ultimately helps to grow hair and strengthen them. 

Blood circulation is very important to grow your hair and provide the necessary strength which is possible by this derma beard roller.

Using the beard oil serum with the beard roller is the ideal suggestion from the Luma Beard Grooming to grow your beard faster. This will not just activate the follicles but also provide strength to the hairs.

Black Matt Derma Roller from the Luma Beard is the best and top rated product if you are planning to buy one for yourself.

Best Practice To Use Derma Roller

There are a number of things you can check before you start using beard derma roller. Some of them are listed below:-

Use With Beard Oil Serum

The best way to use derma roller is with the beard oil serum which we have already discussed above. Try to use the products of the same company. Choose the best product for yourself depending upon your skin type. You can also go for a Beard Growth Kit which has all the necessary things you are looking online for beard growth.

Roll In Every Direction

Second thing is using the beard roller in the right direction, there are a number of tutorials available online on YouTube showing the right way of using the roller. The basic concept is you must use a roller in every direction covering the whole area of your face to provide uniform hair growth. Try to follow the best technique and use it correctly.

Cleaning Your Beard Roller

Always clean your beard roller before and after use. There are different types of sanitizers available you can check out. This is a very important step to keep the bacteria and other things away from your skin. Luma Beard Sanitiser is also the best option you can check online for this purpose. It is always better to sanitize your roller everytime to use it.

Consider Replacing Your Beard Roller

To get the maximum from the beard roller try to replace it after a few weeks. Different products have different standards. Read the instructions very carefully and follow the guidelines as mentioned by the brand you are using.


Beard Roller is one of the best ways to grow your beard. You need to understand the requirements of your body and make a strategy to grow your beard in the right way. Research and analyze the best way to understand what actually your beard needs. Using a regular beard roller has shown good results for the men struggling to grow their beard. Share your experience and if there is any query in the comment section, You can also share your views. 

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