Splurges You Should Make This Summer

Splurges You Should Make This Summer

Summer is here, ushering in countless opportunities to make the most out of the warm weather and long days. You can harness the magic of this season by splurging on a few items that will make this summer your best one yet. What items are the best fit for you and your family? Here are five splurges that you should consider for this summer.

New Boat

Ranking right up there with a swimming pool as the ultimate summer splurge is a new boat. Discover what other boat owners have already learned when you set sail on your own boat or yacht. What could be better than having the freedom to take to the open waters whenever your heart desires this summer?

While it can be confusing to try to make the best decision for your needs, there are a number of online boat and yacht reviews that can help you to make an informed decision. These types of reviews will help you to sort through your options by price, make, model, size, and manufacturer.

Swimming Pool

A backyard swimming pool is the ultimate summer purchase. You will delight in hosting parties in your own yard for friends and family. Picture endless days of soaking up the sun and long evenings enjoying a sunset dip in the pool. Installing a pool in your backyard is a no-brainer if you live in a warm climate.

If you cannot afford an in-ground pool, today’s modern above-ground pools are a great alternative. You can make it appear to be in-ground by building a deck around it that comes out from your home. These types of pools are likely more affordable than you may think. They are also easier to set up and maintain than a traditional in-ground pool.

Central Air Conditioning

Do not live through another summer without central air conditioning. If you put off installing this splurge in your home, now is the time to do so. Science has shown that the temperatures are getting warmer nearly every year. You will enjoy your summer so much more if you are able to escape the heat.

While a central air system is a significant expenditure, you will never regret making this purchase. There is something so refreshing about coming in from the heat and feeling that blast of cool air in the comfort of your own home. You will also sleep better at night if you are comfortable, helping you to make the most out of this time of year.

Premium Outdoor Grill

The summer season goes hand-in-hand with outdoor barbecues with friends and family. To pull this off, you will need a proper grill so that you cook up all of your favorite meats and vegetables. A grill is an essential item for any outdoor living space.

If you already have a grill that you love, you can expand your outdoor kitchen with the addition of another unique appliance. Popular choices these days include outdoor pizza ovens or flat top griddles. If your current grill does not have a smoke feature, a smoker is another great appliance to consider for your outdoor space. Once you start adding to your outdoor kitchen, you will find it hard to stop expanding and improving this space.

Outdoor Movie Theater

One of the latest trends that was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic is an increase in entertaining friends and family in an outdoor space. With movie theaters closed and people wanting to spend more time outside for safety reasons, the outdoor movie theater grew in popularity.

In order to make this work in your yard, you will need a portable projector and a screen. Lastly, you will need some outdoor speakers to properly project the sound. A flat seating space for chairs and blankets is another necessity. Pair this splurge with a popcorn maker and a sno-cone machine and you have the workings of many fabulous summer nights without even having to leave your backyard.

These five splurges are all great items to help you to lean into the best parts of the summer. You will not regret making the room in your budget to elevate your summer from something ordinary to something extraordinary.

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