Vijaya Boggala – Making Life Meaningful with Art, Sports, and Photography


Many individuals often become slaves to their jobs, and they no longer pursue the hobbies they once loved as a child. Life becomes mundane and often monotonous for them. However, a handful of professionals can balance their work and find time for the things they love to pursue. In this way, they are able to boost the quality of their lives and make each day meaningful.

Vijaya Boggala from Greensboro, NC, is one such individual who perfectly has a balanced life with the things he loves. He writes abstracts for medical publications. He has been the contributor to many published studies as well. He loves to watch live sports and work on various DIY projects in his spare time. He likes photography and, at present, is honing his skills in slow shutter speed, landscape, and action photography.

He is also an artist, and for his paintings, he likes to use acrylics and oils on various mediums. He enjoys his hobbies and is the proud father of a four -year old son.

Hobbies allow you to de-stress in life

When it comes to pursuing his hobbies in life, they give him the opportunity to destress himself. Painting and photography give him the chance to be creative. Live sports teach

 him about the importance of being physically fit and the need to move the body instead of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Hobbies boost both the physical and mental faculties in every human being. As a parent, he believes that all adults should be encouraging their kids to take up some sort of hobby and pursue it daily.  

Practice daily to hone skills

Hobbies like photography, sports, and painting need to be practiced daily. If you do not get the chance to indulge in your hobbies daily, you can regularly pursue them like on the weekends or after work. The idle brain is not good for everyone, and if you focus only on work, you will lead a drab and dull life. You should make some time for yourself and ensure that you devote time to pursue a hobby you enjoy alone.

Pursuing hobbies also increase self-worth and confidence. Daily indulgence in what you love to do, gives you the chance to hone any talent or skills needed. For instance, if you love to paint, you can always draw inspiration from subjects around you and paint. You can express your thoughts through strokes and colors. You have no limitations when it comes to your creative flow. When you create an impressive work of art, your self-worth is boosted, and it is here that you will feel content about yourself.

According to Vijaya Prakash Boggala any hobby exhibits joy and satisfaction in you. The adage “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is true. You should learn how to balance your work and the things you love doing the most. In this way, you will feel good about yourself, and your brain gets the mental relaxation it deserves after a long day, boosting your productivity at work when you gear up for the next day too!