5 Tips for Creating Compelling Text Alerts for Customers

5 Tips for Creating Compelling Text Alerts for Customers

Text marketing is one of the best ways to promote products and brands through mobile gadgets as they seek to connect with prospective and existing customers. Since many consumers carry their phones with them almost all the time, you have a greater opportunity of reaching potential and existing customers in real-time. The following tips will help you create effective messages to boost your marketing efforts.

Write Short and Simple Texts

You only have 160 characters to pass your message across, so you must choose your words carefully and use the limited space wisely. Ensure your texts are short and straightforward by relaying your messages in the fewest characters possible. Avoid going over the character limit because it’ll only drive up your SMS marketing costs. Besides, messaging and data rates may also apply to some of your clients. If you want to include more info, add a link to your blog or website for your clients to click. To make the most out of the 160-character space, use uppercase letters when highlighting important items, shorten your URLs, and have a clear purpose.

Use Clear Language

The language you use when writing messages to your existing and prospective customers is vital if you want a successful SMS marketing campaign. Avoid slang and abbreviations because they will only make you look unprofessional. Besides, some people may not understand the message if they are not conversant with the slang and abbreviations. Although you are limited to 160 characters, text-speak is not worth it. Writing entire sentences and grammatically correct texts will dominate text-speak and create a sense of assurance among your customers. It’s also important to ensure you are clear about your offers or message. Your message should clearly state any limitations to offers, such as the minimum amount of cash spent or time.

Add Value

The other aspect of successful text marketing is creating messages that communicate value to your mobile audience. Your target market should immediately understand the value after reading the text. Avoid sending texts containing the same company information, deals, or offers because they’ll only make you lose many people from your business subscription list. Instead of always messaging consumers randomly, send them text alerts that inform them about product launches, upcoming sales, and discounts. You can consider working with a reputable SMS marketing service provider who offers customized text alert services to help you write action-driving messages. A good text alert system will come with features that enable you to automate recurring alerts, send texts immediately, and even schedule texts for later.

Include Calls to Action

Like other marketing strategies, your messages should always include clear calls to action. A good call to action correlates to your business, includes active language, and conveys a sense of urgency. Apart from updating your company’s customer base about new sales or new products, you can invite them to take part in lucky draw contests. You can also send texts to lure potential consumers into visiting your online store or business website by offering them some freebies or discount codes that they can get after showing the received text. Additionally, if you want customers to join your social media platforms, provide them with links instead of just asking them to follow you.

Personalize Your Messages

It would be best if you went above and beyond to get your customers’ attention. And personalization is one of the best and most effective ways to do that. According to statistics, many customers engage with personalized messages. However, more goes into SMS personalizing than using your recipients’ names. It entails segmenting your customers based on specific parameters and qualities such as locations, past purchases, and buying behaviors and then writing texts they can easily relate to. Generally, your SMS copy needs to resonate with your target customer segment. For instance, you can send some promotional texts that’ll lure the consumers to your online store if you are targeting customers who shop online entirely.

Wrapping up

Effective text marketing entails creating valuable and compelling messages for your target market. Although most of your work will be trial and error because every situation is unique, monitoring each campaign’s results can help you develop a more successful text marketing strategy with time. However, always ensure that you keep in mind these tips for creating action-driven and effective messages for your customers.

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